Feb 02

Martinsville’s Hillview Motel Resident Spirits Seeking New Homes

All the living has moved out; only the ghostly souls remain at the location.

All the living has moved out; only the ghostly souls remain at the location.

Everyone who has traveled south on SR 37 in Morgan County, Indiana, passed by the Hillview Motel. This 1940’s style motor inn has reached the end of its life and is soon to be demolished because of the proposed I 69 expansion. Residents of the property, living residents, have already moved on to other places, but the ghostly inhabitants are still there and probably will stay at the location until they realize the building is no longer available. Where will they go?

The owner, Tim Hunter, allowed Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers to investigate the old inn just hours before he was required to turn the keys over to the State of Indiana. It turned out to be an investigation where we could check our psychic skills and determine which of the twelve rooms previously had notable situations, namely deaths or high energy events, over the last 30 years. (Mr. Hunter has owned the motel for the last 30 years. Any deeds which occurred before then is a mystery for all of us.) Mr. Hunter kept all the information to himself. As local residents, our investigators knew that a four year-old girl, Hope James, had been murdered in one of the rooms in 1995, and another body had been carried out in the last few years. We also know the local motel was known as a “heartbreak inn” for recently divorced and sad individuals as well as a place where locals could take the love of their life for an evening of delight.


All I can say is that Mr. Hunter was pleased with our findings. We even surprised ourselves with the results.

The results:

Room 6: Little Hope died in room 6. To me, the room was dark and smelled “nasty”, like death. Another of our investigators saw a small dark shadow “rise up” as he entered the room and he was also touch lightly on the head. Photos were dark also, even with a flash.

Mr. Hunter confirmed this was the correct room for the murder of the small child.

Room 3: Stinky, also like death, but most would describe it as a cat smell. It was dark and the rear part of the room seemed to stay that way; it absorbed light, even with a flash. My K-2 meter was drained of power right away, but the others pegged the red several times while we were in there. One male investigator was grabbed on the back of his buttock which caused him to immediately exit the room. Apparently the spirit that was so active in room 3 left with him, because the K-2s went to zero when he left.

Mr. Hunter confirmed an elderly man who lived at the motel died in room 3.

Room 2: We could not focus cameras in this room, but did catch orbs in the viewfinders. Otherwise, the room seemed normal.

Mr. Hunter stated a man died in this room, but was later revived.

Room 8: Also stinky, like the smell of cats, but I associate the odor with death also. The K-2s flickered constantly. Cameras had difficulty focusing, but several flickering orbs were captured. An unusual light anomaly was observed in one of the other investigators photos.

Mr. Hunter was not aware of any disturbances in the room during his last 30 years at the location.


PP-SC investigator checks out one of the many rooms at the Hillview Motel in Martinsville, Indiana.

PP-SC investigator checks out one of the many rooms at the Hillview Motel in Martinsville, Indiana.

All the rooms had something which affected the K-2s, and we were unable to obtain any hard evidence with our digital recorders. The high traffic on SR 37 is extremely noisy and we were unable to obtain any clean EVPs.

I can say that Tim Hunter was almost speechless with our results and anyone who knows him will tell you its hard to make Tim speechless.


A special shout out to Half-Pint, Bobbie, Sondra and the other fine food service people at the Village Inn in Ellettsville, Indiana. (Good food, good friends and good times!)

To Hunter : Thank-you for the wonderful poem. I hope you don’t mind me sharing it.

To Braden and Ethan: Glad you liked the shirts!

Remember to call us if you have a problem with spirits and would like to know what’s going on; no charge for what we do.

And, if you have a problem of the Bigfoot kind and would like to report your experience to someone who will not ridicule you, call us for that too. Our data bank of sightings and experiences is growing with help from our followers.

Till next time,


Game camera catches Orb in action.

Game camera catches Orb in action.



Dec 03



A "Spirit Orb" exits the vintage Santa in the Thomas House Inn's Christmas Display Room.

A “Spirit Orb” exits the vintage Santa in the Thomas House Inn’s Christmas Display Room.


This was the first photo of the Christmas Room taken when we first arrived at the bed and breakfast for a two-day ghost hunt. A second photo, taken within seconds after the first, has a dark shadow on the right side of the room and actually, the whole room appears a little darker. (Note that there were no changes in the flash used for the two photos.)

Christmas Display Room has dark shadow appearing to the right. This was taken after the first photo which showed what we determined to be a "Spirit Orb".

Christmas Display Room has dark shadow appearing to the right. This was taken after the first photo which showed what we determined to be a “Spirit Orb”.


The Thomas House Inn is located in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee. Built in the 1890’s, the Thomas House, then the Cloyd Hotel, was destroyed by fire in the 1920’s and rebuilt into the stately brick structure we now visit several times each year to hunt ghosts and converse with the Cole family, the present owners.  The inn is decorated in the Victorian style with lots of beautiful antiques and wallpaper. Not really a place for children, adults find the ambience very relaxing since there are no phones in the rooms and no televisions! No phones and no TV makes it a great place to train our new investigators who will most likely have a paranormal experience while there.

I guess I shouldn’t say we “hunt” ghosts at the Thomas House. I think that Bob and I have been going to the location for so long that the spirits meet us at the door. There are several children spirits, a former owner or two and their wives, a former cook, and who knows how many spirits are former guests.

Lets go back to “Old Grumpy” in the Christmas Display Room; he has been active over the years. For a spirit who wants no contact with the living, he sure makes himself known to the many investigators who visit the inn and the owners. I recorded two EVP’s that I’m almost sure is “Grumpy”. In response to my usual question asking him for his name each time we arrive at the location, he has responded “leave me alone” and another time “get out”. Another group of Tennessee Ghost Hunters asked him if he liked having visitors and he responded with a firm, and grumpy, NO!

Another incident involving “Grumpy” happened to an elderly guest who, up until his personal event, was a firm skeptic of ghostly happenings at the inn. The gentleman was sitting in the only TV area at the top of the staircase, enjoying the program on the TV. Darrell and Tyler Cole were removing the two vintage Santa from the display room to another location when suddenly, from the Santa which I recently pictured the “Spirit Orb” exiting out of, a very dark, fog-like, shape lifted up out of the Santa and moved quickly back into the Christmas Room. Tyler was carrying the figure, but didn’t observe it, but the elderly gentleman couldn’t quit talking about it. Like I said, he is now a believer!

For the record, I’m going to keep bothering the old spirit until he gives me his name. We can’t call him “Grumpy” forever, can we??

All I can say is that out of all the locations throughout the United States that we have investigated, with the exception of Gettysburg Battlefield, the Thomas House is the most haunted. And this is really saying something since we have been to the Birdcage Saloon in Tombstone, AZ, and the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana.



Carol and Bob


Oct 30


Orbs of all types are captured on the Gettysburg National Battlefield

Orbs of all types are captured on the Gettysburg National Battlefield


Happy Halloween!!

As you can probably guess, October is one of our favorite months even though it’s a prelude to winter and cold, snowy weather.

We have been busy doing what Shadow Chasers are expected to do since the last time I posted – looking for spirits and the unusual creatures which have been reported in our area, although in September I drove Bob and myself to Lincolnville, Maine and enjoyed the New England countryside for a few days. (I drove because Bob is still having considerable pain in his broken foot!)

We stopped overnight in one of our favorite locations, Gettysburg, PA, to spend a few hours on the battlefield after dark and exchange stories with the local ghost hunters (Haunted Gettysburg Paranormal Society) in downtown Gettysburg. As usual, everyone had interesting experiences in the haunted town.

Our battlefield excursion was only about three hours long. We didn’t hear any ghostly sounds such as cannons going off or men shouting, but we did get a few photos with our still cameras of what I think are spirit orbs. (Remember, not all orbs are spirits, some are dust or moisture droplets.) My favorite photo is at the top of the page and the second favorite, below.

Are these bright orbs just lost spirits hanging around one of the many Gettysburg memorials?


We performed an investigation close to home in a location close to my heart – the A to Z Auction in Martinsville, Indiana. Not really a fan of auctions, the place is known better to us oldsters as Kivett’s 5&10. The old building was constructed in the 1860s as a pharmacy, hospital and office of a Dr. Robert Tarleton and his nephew W. B. Tarleton. I’m not sure when Dr. Tarleton no longer practiced his profession there, but the good doctor died in 1901. Presumably, it continued to be a clinic for a few years after that, then became a hotel when the third floor was added in 1930. Although it is uncertain, Kivett’s 5 & 10 probably opened after the end of WW 2, about 1946.

The rumors of hauntings in the building have been around for years and even when I was a child, there always seemed to be “something” in the rear of the store which frightened me. We were contacted by Mayor Phil Deckard who, having seen photos taken by Elvis Stedman who works (and lives upstairs) at the auction barn, thought it might be an interesting location for our ghost hunting team. He hoped we could give Elvis some answers to his unusual photos and odd experiences in the place.

It was interesting. Our investigation was about three hours long and was performed in the early evening right after the auction barn closed for the night. We saw shadows of what appeared to be a child near the front of the store and in the back near the kitchen area, a grumpy old man wearing a long coat. Surprisingly, in two successive photos taken of a blue orb visible to the naked eye, a mirror which happened to be in the area shows a figure standing slightly behind me and to my left, of what I describe as a nurse. If you look closely at the two photos, her white cap or scarf is on her head, and she does move slightly to my right in the second photo.

Nurses would make sense at the location; it was a hospital for a least 50 years under Dr. Tarleton, then a clinic thereafter until the 1930s. Plus, one of the photos taken by Elvis was of a nurse wearing what looks like the white scarves they used to wear back in nineteenth century. Could it be Dr. Tarleton’s wife Elizabeth? Elizabeth assisted him with his many patients.

We’ll probably never know who the grumpy old man in the long coat actually is, but I know he has been there for a very long time. I’m sure he’s the one who frightened me when I was a kid shopping with my mother at Kivett’s 5& 10.

I’ve posted the two photos taken of the blue orbs – check them out!

First Photo of Blue Orb and Faces in the Mirror at the A to Z Auction

First Photo of Blue Orb and Faces in the Mirror at the A to Z Auction

Second Photo of the Blue Orb and Faces in the Mirror

Second Photo of the Blue Orb and Faces in the Mirror

Hopefully we will return to the A to Z Auction Barn for further investigation. I think there is a lot more to see and hear at the location.


Please call us if you have a location you would like investigated for paranormal activity! There is no charge for what we do.

A special shout-out to Larry Battson and his Wild Animals in Clinton Falls, Indiana, and to the Cole Family in Tennessee at the Thomas House Inn!





Sep 02


Mirrors in the Tivoli's dressing rooms reflect investigators, and can be used by spirits to help make contact.

Mirrors in the Tivoli’s dressing rooms reflect investigators, and can be used by spirits to help make contact.

Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers hit center stage at the Tivoli Theater for two separate evenings of investigations. We also hit the dressing rooms, the theater room, the hallways, elevator and other assorted areas throughout the old building. The Tivoli Theater has been the one site in Spencer, Indiana that our team has always been anxious to investigate ever since it reopened following its complete renovation in April of 2013.


E.M. Viquesney had a dream of opening his own theater in Spencer and did so on New Year’s Day of 1928. The timing resulted in a bad move for him; he was in competition with another theater in the small town and the Great  Depression was just a few months away. Sadly, Viquesney was forced to close in 1931 when he lost the theater to the Bloomfield Tile Company for non-payment on the tiles of the theater’s roof.

The Tivoli was reopened soon by another gentleman who ran it until the fifties. After two fires and some other hopeful owners, the theater was again shut down in 1998 and was ultimately scheduled for demolition in 2005. Lucky for Spencer’s historical minded citizens, the Cook Group Inc. of Bloomington saw the significance and potential of the old building, and with the help of many local volunteers and the Owen County Preservation Society, was able to restore and turn the lights back on the beautiful little theater’s marquee in April of 2013.

The new, bright, blinking lights of the marquee also captured the eyes of PP-SC and we knew there just had to be some kind of spirits in the old structure, so, against our general rule of asking the owners to enter a business (we are usually invited) we contacted the theater’s General Manager Dana Beth Evans. She in formed us that along with others who work there, she had experienced some unusual episodes of the paranormal type. Needless to say, permission to investigate was approved for our team.

We made two visits with the team. The initial walkthrough was just Bob and me, along with Dana Beth who opened doors and gave us a complete tour of the fabulous building. At that time there was a male sprit detected in the third floor hallway who moved back and forth from the front to the back by both Bob and myself, and a female spirit in the lobby near the ticket booth detected by me . These spirits were not apparent in the following investigations so we have no have hard data to verify them.

With two of the theater’s volunteers assisting (Larry and Josh), the first night’s hunt was disappointing for all of us since we obtained no videos or photos containing objects and lights we could not debunk. The EVP’s were all tossed out when we found another individual was in the building and had been since we started and was working in one of the rooms. (All the small whispers and faint music captured on the recordings had to be assumed to be from the radio he was playing.)

But, there were some personal experiences by members of our group and the volunteers that have to be considered paranormal. At one time we had all gathered in the theater room and all the EMF meters and the REM Pod on the stage lit up, all the way to the top of the meters. It only happened once.

We had responses to our questions using the K-2 meters. Three different times and in three different locations, we had yes answers to “Are you male?” and to “Were you an usher”. This was exciting because I knew “something” was following us around as we went from the front of the theater to the back dressing rooms in the basement. This was an experience the volunteers were witness to.

The second investigation was with a different group of our PP-SC team members. We also had a local medium, Jeff, who assisted Bob and me. While the spirits still alluded us this trip, Jeff informed us there were three young male spirits present who passed through the Tivoli occasionally to see “What was going on”.  There were also many other spirits coming and going to the theater just as they did in life. He could detect no resident spirit in any of the many halls and rooms.

Trisha, our medium who is usually with us could not attend the hunt either time, remotely saw an usher or otherwise employed young man named  (possibly) Gaskin who stands in the lobby very near the area where I detected the female spirit on my first visit. (Trisha is sooooo very good at remote sensing of spirits. She draws pictures of the places we intend to investigate, even before knowing the location or address!)

But again, since we obtained no hard data, we cannot declare the Tivoli Theater of Spencer, Indiana as an official haunted location, even though there are definite energies of the paranormal kind present in its lobby, hallways and dressing room areas. Lots of individuals who work there have seen and felt the spirits as they move around, just as our team members did during our two investigations.

We’ll keep looking and listening at the Tivoli – as long as the living will put up with us!

Are the Spirits still waiting to be seated by the usher at the Tivoli?

Are the Spirits still waiting to be seated by the usher at the Tivoli?


Stay in touch!

More about the August 10th Bigfoot sighting near Martinsville in the next post. This cryptid thing it getting more exciting as the  months go by! We are considering having another Sasquatch presentation this fall and will have Morgan County information to pass on to all who have an interest in the creatures called Sasquatch, Wolf-Men and Dog-Men. Plan to attend.


A special shout out to Larry (Hope the surgery came out well!) and his son Josh for helping with the investigation. Thank-you Dana Beth for everything you did for our group, and to Scott (Keep up the good work, but work on believing too!). Bob Morris of Bob’s Guns and Pawn also helped us with the theater invitation – THANKS to all of you!

As usual, call me if you need an investigation for the paranormal – there is no charge for what we do.

Till next time,

Carol Farrell

Are the spirits still waiting for the curtain to rise at the Tivoli?

Are the spirits still waiting for the curtain to rise at the Tivoli?

Tivoli volunteer Josh learned the finer points of a paranormal investigation with the PP-SC team.

Tivoli volunteer Josh learned the finer points of a paranormal investigation with the PP-SC team.

Jul 20



I have to start off with an exciting find near our home along the White River. A member of our group who is greatly interested in crypto-animals, but mostly in Sasquatch, (his wife is a ghost hunter in-training) found a series of footprints through a section of his property. Further investigation gave us a very good right footprint, measuring 15.5″ long and 6″ wide.  This was found at the side of an ATV path (through the woods adjacent to the river) and appears to be where the supposed Sasquatch jumped across the road. The left print on the opposite side of the road is only of the ball and toes, where the beast pushed itself upward to make the almost 15′ jump to where it’s right foot came down. The footprints continued through the thick foliage with a 7.4′ stride, but we were unable to track it after 3 steps. Our attempt to cast the print failed when the plaster cast fell apart. (It was my first casting attempt and I learned a lot from doing it, but a shame, since now we only have the photos.) The find also drew our attention to the woods and other possible signs that are present that Bigfoot are in the area. We will keep you all posted with our findings.

June and July of 2014 has been and is still very busy for us, but not so much in a paranormal way. Bob broke 3 bones in his right foot (not the left this time!) at his place of employment so we’ve spent a lot of time going to doctors, on the phone with the insurance people, and his employers. He will hopefully be ok, but it’s an extremely painful break and the heavy boot he has to wear has put our paranormal investigations almost to a standstill. With the breaks on the right foot, it’s almost impossible drive Old Ghostie, our Suburban, so we’re getting around in my leprechaun mobile, the mini-van.

Anyway, we’re still planning a major investigation in a couple of weeks in Spencer, Indiana. The location is to remain secret but I can tell you that the beautiful old business building we’re investigating has quite a history, so stay tuned for the results of the hunt.

I’m excited about the new shirts our official group members will be wearing. One of our honorary members, Chase, of Camby, Indiana, is shown wearing his. Junior Ghost Hunter Chase participated in our Stepp Cemetery hunt last May and will be in more of our junior investigations. His Aunt Wendy is a valued member of our group.

new shirt

A good friend of ours, Ed, who likes to write poetry is very intrigued by our paranormal investigation, but especially our nights out on Sasquatch hunts. He was inspired to write a poem which pretty much sums up the excitement we all feel when faced with a possible paranormal or Bigfoot encounter.  Thanks Ed!!

BF by EB

A special shout out to “soon to be” Dr. Tolbert in Maryland. Thank-you for everything and keep us in mind for all your paranormal questions. It was very enjoyable being a source subject for your studies. And – Don’t be a stranger, at least not any stranger than us!

Big hello to Hunter, Ethan and Braden! Hope you liked the Sasquatch shirts.

Remember, contact us for any type of paranormal investigation. We do not charge fees for anything we do!

Till next time,

Carol Farrell

Founder of Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers

May 29

Ghosties and Bigfoot Adventures for the Paragon Paranormal Team


On the hunt in Putman County, Indiana; small house, at least 3 entities!

On the hunt in Putman County, Indiana; small house, at least 3 entities!



We performed an investigation at a private residence in a small town in Putnam County a couple of weeks age that had some interesting results. There are three entities present in the newly remodeled home, a small girl, a middle-aged “farmer” type who just wonders from room to room, and a very grumpy, and very mean, old man residing on the second floor.

The little  spook girl (she didn’t tell us her name) plays with the 2 year-old grandson of the lady who owns the house and will make the dog bark at her presence. She is quite playful and has been known to move items around in the kitchen, (even in front of the house skeptic) and play with the toys in the living room. She runs from one end of the long kitchen and around the table with the 2 year-old and even has the dog chase her occasionally. The “farmer” spirit just moves among three different rooms and is apparently  a residual haunt because he is not seen and is heard; the loud coughing in the downstairs could possibly be him.  The old man on the second floor interacts with anyone who dares to enter his realm. He does not leave the second floor of the house and tends to stay in a closet area. The youngest teenage daughter of the homeowner has been forced to move her room downstairs because of his grumpiness and dark demeanor, which we picked up on immediately when Bob entered the stairs performing that part of the investigation.

All in all, it was a short hunt, but we had very satisfying results for the homeowner and her family. Later , in checking out some history of the 1920’s built dwelling, we learned there had been a fire in the house and someone lost their life. Could this be the final coughing sounds from the victim who died in a burning and smoke filled room that is heard frequently by the present inhabitants? Maybe a future and more intense investigation of the home can tell us.

On the Bigfoot front, when the Kentucky Bigfoot Researchers were in Morgan-Monroe Forestry a couple of weeks ago, they found a print of the Wildman in Stepp Cemetery. We were also recently informed a Sasquatch footprint cast was also taken on Baseline Road near the Porter’s Cave area. Keep sending us reports or, to help to keep everyone informed, the new local contact for Indiana Bigfoot Research is Leroy Nail of Martinsville, Indiana. Call Leroy, or us, if you have a sighting to report. We need the information for our database.

A special shout-out to Jaime and Megan in Mooresville, Indiana and Dell in Wilber.

And neighbor Traci – Just let me know when we can check out your house!

Congratulations to fellow ghost hunter Jay Rademachir at the haunted Harmony School in Bloomington, Indiana for being their Valedictorian for 2014.     Atta-boy Jay!!.

Call us if you need us – there are no charges for what we do.


Stepp Cemetery in Morgan Monre Forestry

Reviewing Old Photographs Reveals Ghostly Presence in Stepp Cemetery


The morning sun brightens up stately old house.

The morning sun brightens up stately old house.



Apr 17

Ghosts and Sasquatch For PP-SC

What is the white spot in the background near a grave marker?
What is the white spot in the background near a grave marker?

Yes! It has been a while since my last post, but the time has gone by very quickly this cold winter. (Short days – remember?)

We have been on several investigations including some dealing with the Sasquatch kind. Others have been in private homes and a return to Spencer and the old hospital on North Main Street.

The time spent at the Spencer hospital location was only a few hours but was one of the most exciting investigations we have had in a long time, like since the last time we were there! This time the ladies, young and old, were making contact by touching us, talking, turning lights on, and appearing as anomalies in photos. There was even an answer to a question by an unknown male energy. The investigation was exciting and was a great way to break in a new investigator, Wendy of Martinsville, Indiana.

(Let’s just say the Wendy is now hooked on ghost hunting!)

Most of our time was spent on Sasquatch, or as he is informally called, Bigfoot. The Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group was in town and presented a presentation at the library in March. Along with a couple who recently moved to Martinsville from Putnam County especially to perform Sasquatch studies, Steve and Violet Abney, they had a very interesting presentation. It included presumably actual cast footprints, photos and recorded sounds of the illusive beast taken on their night hunts in Kentucky and Indiana.

Note:   During the presentation a man and his son came forward with a story and a cast footprint taken from an adventure they had in Morgan-Monroe Forestry with a Bigfoot. If anyone knows this gentleman’s name please call us since Tom Shay of the Kentucky Researchers either failed to obtain it or lost it. We need his information for our data base.

I would like everyone to say a short prayer for a beautiful young woman and her 5-year-old son who lost their lives in the local  flood a couple of weeks ago. Jonna and Brandon Peyton of Paragon, Indiana was a person who was always smiling and saying sweet things and cared deeply for her son who was her constant companion. She was a hard worker who had 2 jobs with very little time for fun. God Bless you Jonna and Brandon!

If  anyone has a place they would like investigated or any type of paranormal incidents to report, please contact us. There is no charge for what we do.

Happy Hunting!



Jan 19

Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers Expand: Cryptids and Ghosts For 2014


Sometimes it's not so bad in jail - The haunted Old Parke County Jail Bed and Breakfast!

Old Parke County Jail in Rockville, Indiana, is open for business – but not for lawbreakers. They’ll provide a bed and breakfast for both the dead and alive!

Fall and the holiday season has been hectic for the  Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers team. We haven’t had a lot of ghost investigations, but there have been many hours spent looking for the elusive hairy man-of-the-woods, Sasquatch (or Bigfoot, if you prefer.)

The Thomas House Inn of Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, hosted two ghost hunting trips for us in November and December. While the ghosts seemed worn out as a result of other arranged ghost hunt weekends, there was enough activity to keep PP-SC going back again, and again.  Our trip in December included on old friend, Dean, who always wanted to attend one of our investigations; he wasn’t scared, but did stay in his room a lot.

The old grumpy ghost of the Christmas Room was there too, making his presence known as he always does in the second floor central reading area. Another guest, Jason, who was unaware of the old building’s ghostly nature, reported that he heard children playing in the hallway in front of his room over the length of his four night stay. I was honored that Little Sarah and a friend made personal contact with yours truly during both stays when we were in Room 36. All I can say is that we cannot wait till we go back to The Thomas House!


In Spencer, Indiana, the old Spencer, Indiana, Gun Shop investigation is still going on since the basement’s little boy spirit, Daniel, likes to play with the toys placed there just for him. He moves his toy soldiers around and plays with his car. The small girl, Sarah, has a coloring book and crayons to use, but we’re still waiting for her to use them. Sarah is located on the second floor in the “Green Room”.

The weather has kept us away from Spencer for now, but we will be back for a full-fledged investigation in the next few weeks.


Over the last two months several PP-SC members have put in some road time searching our four county area, especially the local government lands, for the giant 9′ Sasquatch known to roam there. So far. no luck.

What we do know about Bigfoot is that you don’t find him, he finds you! (Larry Battson wisdom!)

Two of our hunter’s group, Ed and Debby B., have such an avid desire to see the old fellow that they tracked through a 10″ snowfall, through closed roads and trails, and braved the “Arctic Vortex” that hit Indiana the second week of January. All the searching performed in a small SUV that Sasquatch could smash with just one swat.

Ed is the guy who builds the cut-out Bigfoot and places them along the White River bridge and SR 39/67 intersection in Martinsville, Indiana. Unfortunately his bigfoots eventually get washed out by floods, but everyone loves them!


If you would like to learn more about Sasquatch PP-SC will be having another free of charge Bigfoot Seminar this spring. Keep in touch and we’ll announce where and when.  In the meantime there is a lot of interesting and informative information in podcasts on the internet. I suggest such site as Blogtalk Radio’s Sasquatch Watch Radio blog, NiteCallers, Bigfoot Talk, Ohio Bigfoot, etc…    If you want to be really intrigued, look up radio interviews with a fellow named R. Scott Nelson who has suggested that the hairy beast has a language.



If you or anyone you know has had a Bigfoot sighting, please let us know. Bob thinks there are a lot of railroaders and truck drivers out there who have seen strange creatures during their travels across this wide country; they should call and report their sightings. (Everything will be kept confidential if requested.)


Thanks to The Doodle Bug Family Restaurant in Paragon, Indiana, for letting us help host the great Spirit of Christmas, Santa (and my brother Gregg who wore the suit) at their place of business. (Tenderloin and hamburger sanwiches are Wonderful!)


A special shout-out to Jeff T. and Meesha – Welcome back to the U.S.!


Till next time, 





Nov 01



Larry Battson, known as the Animal Guy, relates Sasquatch experiences at Paragon Community Building gathering.

Larry Battson, known as the Animal Guy, relates Sasquatch experiences at PP-SC’s first Paranormal Paragon Community Fall Event..


Bigfoot is here in Indiana!

October 14, 2013 was an extremely interesting and informative evening! Originally planned for only two hours, the PP-SC Sasquatch presentation with it’s question and answer portion lasted for almost three before participants started leaving.

Larry Battson, known to school children all over the Midwest as “Larry the Animal Guy” for his many exotic animals he shares with them at their schools, is also considered in Sasquatch/Bigfoot circles as Indiana’s expert on the famous and elusive “Wildman of the Woods”. From his presentation, we have a greater respect for the beast and it appears that Morgan, Monroe, Putnam and Brown counties are areas where recorded sightings have taken place over the past 70 years. Morgan-Monroe Forestry and Yellow Wood  Forestry, as well as Raccoon State Park seem to be prime locations for sightings.

Larry also presented other reports from out of our area. An especially interesting one involved a former park ranger, Bob Johnson employed in Yellowstone National Park, who experienced a family of Sasquatch over a 25 year career in the park. During the man’s service in the hinterlands of the park, Bob was lucky enough to observe their hunting habits and their families. As a result, everyone at the forum learned from the experiences related that we shouldn’t “mess with Sasquatch”. We also learned that the great beast is mostly docile and just wants to be left alone.

This was a great event for Paragon Paranormal Shadow Chasers and was our way of letting everyone know that we’re not just about hauntings, but we’re interested in the unusual and odd of our existence also.

The forum gave us four Bigfoot incident reports, all previously unknown. These are all now mapped and noted in our files. IF YOU HAVE AN INCIDENT,  or STORY, YOU WOULD LIKE TO REPORT (ALL NAMES WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL), PLEASE CONTACT US. This includes anything whether it be Bigfoot, Man-Wolf or Dogman creatures, and even UFOs.

There was a wide range of ages among the attendees and several brought all their family members for a fun and informative evening.

PP-SC’s Bigfoot presentation by The Animal Guy – Larry Battson, had participants wide-eyed and on the edge of their seats for almost three hours.


Hopefully, our next forum will probably be in the dark and dank days of January or February 2014. Bob and I will decide if it will be another Bigfoot presentation and maybe use it to launch an official Bigfoot group for Morgan-Monroe counties or if it will be a presentation on UFOs and maybe have someone from MUFON as a guest speaker. LET US KNOW what you would like to hear.

Maybe we can talk Bob into telling everyone about his Morgan County Sasquatch experiences in the summer of 1990.

In the meantime, we’re still ghost hunting and just finished up at a home in Martinsville. with many of our investigations, we were requested the address and homeowner’s names be kept confidential, but I can tell you that harmless residual energy exists in the bedrooms/ hallway areas.

I would like to thank all the businesses who displayed our posters for our event but especially the DoodleBug Restaurant in Paragon, Indiana and Ed Blakely for the wonderful Bigfoot cutouts displayed on the sandbar of the White River on SR 39 in Martinsville.

A special shout-out to Hunter. Hope you liked the shirt!

Stay in touch!



Oct 02


PP-SC is sponsoring it's first cryptid seminar. Hopefully, this will be only the first.

PP-SC is sponsoring its first cryptid seminar. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of many informational gatherings with others outside of our official PP-SC group.



To all our friends and paranormal cohorts, Bob’s dreams have finally come true!

Bigfoot will become the main discussion point at the first annual Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers Fall Event. A presentation by Putnam County native with over 30 years experience as a Bigfoot researcher, Larry Battson, is slated as the main speaker at an event we have wanted to have for several years.

In the summer of 1990 when Bob had his first Bigfoot experiences, is when Bob also had his first contact with Mr. Battson who came to investigate his claims. Since that time, Mr. Battson  has become a national resource for Sasquatch hunters who want to know more about “the hairy man of the woods”, especially in Indiana.

Mr. Battson will relate events which have occurred over his many years investigating Sasquatch, some quite recently, and locally. Morgan-Monroe Forestry and Yellowwood Forest are hotspots for Squatch-like reported activity.

Maybe I can get Bob to tell his experiences with his Beech Grove Road bigfoot in 1990! It’s been reported to us at PP-SC, that in the last couple of months, that something large and man-like is back in the woods near Bradford Woods and the Boy Scout Camp areas.

We haven’t given up on our ghost friends and are still investigating residential  and business hauntings. But, as I said last December, PP-SC as a group wanted to expand our investigations into other paranormal realms. I think cryptids are a good start.

UFOs are next?

A shout out to our friend Jeff in Argentina – You are so missing the great fall weather we’re having in Indiana! (Yes, I’m rubbing it in!)

I’ll be back after the Bigfoot presentation and let you know how it went!



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