Jan 29

Sasquatch and Spirits Investigations Finish Up 2016 – finally!

I know… it’s been a while since I posted.  I broke my ankle in August and October( 2 times this year) so we haven’t really been out except to do a few interviews. But, I promise we will be back in the field soon because if we do not, my investigation team will be after us.

Before my broken bones we did spend some time at the Dent House in Martinsville, Indiana. There were reports of spirits moving through the house by several of the family members. They included a couple of boy children downstairs, 2 adults upstairs and a crying child in the attic.


Dent House, Martinsville, Indiana 2016

Dent House, Martinsville, Indiana 2016

Moving orb at Dent House at location where child spirit was seen.

Moving orb at Dent House at location where child spirit was previously seen.

We were unable to obtain any EVPs while there, but after a couple of hours of general discussion with the present resident and owner, the orbs started showing up in the photos on the first floor and motion sensor equipment indicated movement. The K-2s also picked up energy fields, quite strong several times and at the same time the orbs showed up on the photos. I thought it was a good catch!

More time is needed for a better investigation at the Dent House. Maybe next time we can get better photos and convince them to talk to us. Paragon Paranormal lists the Dent House as HAUNTED; just as the owner and his family said it was!

One other short investigation our team performed was at a local 1880’s Odd Fellows Lodge/ Hardware Store in Paragon, Indiana. The 3 story brick building had housed a hardware store on the first floor which had a series of owners over the last 135 years. It was also a fabric shop and is presently a used furniture or thrift shop. An auditorium on the third floor was the location of many local ceremonies and plays for the Odd Fellows and locals acting groups over the years.

The building itself is presently under threat of condemnation by the county. We are extremely thankful for the short investigation we performed. All I can say about the investigation is that we did contact a previous owner more than once who answered our series of questions using a K-2. And, a residual spirit of a short, bald man, wearing coveralls is on the first floor doing restocking in the front window and the main floor of the building. A few dark shadows were observed in the rear of the main floor.

The second floor and third were scary because they are hazardous to walk around due to the condition of the wooden floors. We only managed to take a few photos at those locations.

But, the building is officially listed as HAUNTED by Paragon Paranormal Shadow Chasers. We all would like to do a longer investigation to obtain some audio from the former owner!

Odd Fellows Lodge/ Hardware Store in Paragon, Indiana

Odd Fellows Lodge/ Hardware Store     Union Street in Paragon, Indiana


Our Sasquatch Field Investigation Team will be sponsoring a  Bigfoot forum we are calling Bigfoot Speak– An Evening With Bigfoot. The forum will be located at PJ and CHY’s Diner on SR 67, south-side of Paragon, Indiana. We’re asking everyone who has had a sighting or incident to come tell their story. Starts at 6:00 p.m. – come early for seating and enjoy the food. (The restaurant will be open till 8:00 p.m.)

A special shout-out to Kraig Maxwell Cassida – please  don’t have any more wrecks. Take care of yourself and get well soon!

I promise I will not wait so long to blog again!!



Oct 10

Morgan Monroe Forestry and Bigfoot

Family Campgrounds at Morgan-Monroe Forestry

      Family Campgrounds at Morgan-Monroe                                      Forestry

Late summer and fall is definitely the time of increased Sasquatch activity in our area in south central Indiana.  The area is lush with plenty to eat; orchards are ripe, gardens are finishing up, nuts are falling and deer are gathering in the fields to rummage through the remains of the corn and soybeans make for an easy protein meal for them. Yes, there are plenty of food sources in the area!

Reports have picked up and we’re getting calls of sightings too.

Northern Owen County sightings started in July, but have continued. Last week, October 1st, through October 7th, there was a repeat of sightings of 2 Sasquatch walking through the woods. This was located near Locust Lake Road and Bush Road. Investigators were unable to find any tracks but there were some broken trees which could be an indication of their presence. Hopefully, trail cams in the area will produce images.

Morgan Monroe Forestry is a favorite location for our investigations since this is where we have observed two different Sasquatch in the last 2 years.  In August, Bob and I observed a really large, 8’+ on the lane to the Stepp Cemetery. He left a nice trail through the woods. It should be noted that Stepp Cemetery has been the location of several sightings and cast footprints.

In early August, we received a phone call from David, the father of a family of 4, from the Indianapolis area who was starting to set up their camp in the overflow camping area. As they were unloading items from their truck and set-up their pull camper, their son excitedly asked his dad, “What’s that Dad?” Turning around quickly, David and his family observed a large bi-pedal creature that had paused in the middle of the road to the campground to look at them. He immediately proceeded in a couple more steps to cross the road and disappeared into the woods. The creature was only about 350′ from his family. David and his family immediately reloaded their camping gear and “Got the hell out of the area.” They had not even had time to register their camp at the forestry headquarters.  Lucky for us, we had talked to this family and given David one of our cards during one of our investigations, so he called us at Paragon Paranormal Shadow Chasers to let us know of their short, but very clear, witnessed sighting. He also let us know he will not be returning with his family to Morgan Monroe.

Just for the record, this was not the only time Sasquatch has been sighted in this section of the forest. I had my first sighting less than 2 miles from that area and numerous other researchers  have heard suspicious sounds in the Overflow Camping Area.


Stepp Cemetery, Morgan Monroe Forestry is a favorite paranormal investigation site is also proving to be a Bigfoot hot spot.

Stepp Cemetery, Morgan Monroe Forestry is a favorite paranormal investigation site is also proving to be a Bigfoot hot spot.

If you are into the paranormal investigations, we will be picking up more haunting investigations after I get the cast off my ankle in a few weeks so hang in there.

We will be at D.J. and Chy’s Cafe in Paragon on the local trick-or-treat night in Paragon, Morgan County, Indiana, somewhere around October 31st.  Sign-up in our raffle to win a newly released bigfoot movie called “Skookum,; The Search for Bigfoot”.

Till next time!






Aug 24


2016 was the first year PPSC attended the great Ohio Bigfoot Conference at Salt Fork Park. There is a lot to see and hear, let alone meet one on one with other researchers at the gathering.

It was a great experience to meet Bob Gimlin, one of the two men who filmed the Patterson-Gimlin film of the famous “Patty”, the very obvious female, black haired, Sasquatch, crossing through a dry creek bed in Bluff Creek, Washington. Bob Gimlin’s presentation wasn’t the longest but it was the most interesting to us.

Someone asked him what his first thought was after the horses alerted the two men to Sasquatch Patty’s presence and he quietly responded with “They ARE real!”, then promptly pulled his rifle out.

Bob explained he pulled the rifle out because this creature was something he had never experienced before and he didn’t have any idea how the huge beast would react to their presence; it could have been a very dangerous situation for him and Roger.

In the years following the experience, Bob has been ridiculed by many disbelievers and called an outright liar by many, but the truth and sincerity of Mr. Gimlin’s actions that fateful day is apparent by the look in his eyes when he speaks.

My thoughts of Bob Gimlin; He is one of the most sincere and truly friendly individuals in the Bigfoot community.

Fred Synic of Researcher of Massachusetts, C. Farrell (PPSC), Bob Gimlin, and Bob Farrell of the PPSC Sasquatch Field Research Team at the 2016 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Fred Synic (Researcher of Massachusetts and Honorary PPSC member)  C. Farrell (Founder of PPSC), Bob Gimlin, and Bob Farrell (Founder of the PPSC Sasquatch Research Field Team) at the 2016 Ohio Bigfoot Conference.

On the local front here in Morgan, Monroe and Owen Counties, Indiana, new reports seem to indicate that the local Sasquatch are  starting to move around more and others are migrating through to places unknown in our state

We had a booth again this year at the Morgan County 4-H Fair in early August and seemed well received by the fair-goers.  Our investigators and team members of Paragon Paranormal-Shadow Chasers and the our Sasquatch Research Field Team joyed talking with the crowd, and initialized a conversation by commonly asking them as they walked up toward the booth “Do you believe?”  We got a lot of different answers!

Our Morgan County map was marked with locations where some of the participants had an encounter or experienced signs of Sasquatch. The stories that went along with the locations were very interesting. Areas in the county that showed clusters of sightings over the last several years lined-up with the reports we received this year.

Bob at the Morgan County Fair

Bob at the Morgan County Fair

Also popular was “Fred”, our 6′ Bigfoot costume stuffed with newspaper.  Hanging from a post and 2 feet off the floor (making him 8′ tall) many of the fair-goers, not just kids either, had their picture taken with him. Yours truly came into the merchants tent early one day and found the local “high sheriff” standing in front of our booth watching his deputies taking pictures of each other with “Fred”.  Good times!!

I should add that we attached a sign near Fred which stated “SQUATCH LIVES MATTER!”  Because they do!


Now for the paranormal investigations:

We have performed several investigations in our local area; one was a large 1890 lodge hall and in 2 private homes, addresses not publishable. We also investigated one in Sellersburg, Indiana and one in Rushville, Indiana.

The one we call the Paragon Country House had 2 spirits residing,  The elderly man and woman spirits are very quiet and move about mostly unseen by the residents; their energies are residual.

When the photo below was taken there was obvious energy in the room, but we couldn’t locate it. In reviewing the photos, the white mists between the sofa and window curtains became apparent. Looks like dogs to us – what do you think??

I forgot to tell you that the owners had a couple of white Akitas, now deceased. Looks like they’re still guarding the homestead!

The Paragon Country House had white mists in the living room. There are 2 between the sofa and the curtains.

The Paragon Country          House had white mists in    the living room. There are  2 between the sofa and the  curtains.

Hopefully my next posting will not be so long behind this one. Maybe by then I will be able to tell you about our other ghost investigations!

A special shout-out to Lisa Grubbs in Martinsville, Indiana. I haven’t forgotten you!  

Also a shout-out to Amber Hughes and Mike Page and Darlene Helms ; Thanks for the information at the Fair.

Remember to call us if you need an investigation of the Paranormal Kind!


Carol Farrell

Founder of PP-SC

PP-SC with Bobcat Goldwaith and Lexus at the Ohio BF Conference

PP-SC with Bobcat Goldwaith and Lexus at the Ohio BF Conference


Apr 22

Sasquatch and Ghost Hunting Takes a Backseat for PPSC

Blue Orb at the Thomas House B&B in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee.

Blue Orb at the Thomas House B&B in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee.


Sorry for the long wait!  We’ve been busy but not necessarily in a good way.

The paranormal curtain opened for us starting about the third week of January when we started receiving a number of calls for paranormal consulting. With a full slate we entered into February and around Valentine’s Day, Bob decided to have a heart attack. Then five days later, he had another one… and pneumonia. He’s just now getting his strength back, but he is in cardiac rehab and that takes up our time since he’s not driving yet.

We do have a couple of ghost investigation projects lined-up when Bob gets better and one is located just outside of Cataract, Indiana. This involved a ghostly specter who works in the kitchen of the homeowner and another who stands guard at the end of a hallway. Neither are harmful and are just doing their thing; residual energies which we plan to send on their way. Hopefully, we will learn their names before they leave.

The other investigation will be in an old (1880’s) Victorian age house in Martinsville, Indiana. The owners have photographed a ghostly figure peering out the upstairs window, on more than one occasion.  There are various human-type shadows, audible footsteps and knocking noises in the walls also which are very unnerving late at night. a

And! There is also an old oil portrait of a lady that seems to watch the residents. (It’s always unnerving when people in paintings seem alive!)



We did have a chance to go to the most haunted place we know of, The Thomas House Inn located in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee for a couple of nights. I always feel welcomed by the spirits (and the Coles) as we enter the front door.

We were lucky. It was orb night at the inn. Almost every photo we took had orbs in it. The night vision was showing the orbs flitting all around and as Bob was walking through the semi-dark halls he had one particular small green orb circling all around him, even in the lobby area. The spirits were moving, but they were not talking: no EVPs were obtained which is very unusual.

The lead photo was taken in front of Room 37 at the Thomas House last week. The large, bright blue, dense orb has been seen by other investigators on occasion and we were fortunate enough to capture it this time.

Cannot wait to go back!

Orbs, orbs, orbs, Thomas House, Tennessee


On the Bigfoot scene, the number of local sightings are increasing. Spring is coming (soon, we hope!) and we think the Bigfoot migrate as nature turns everything green and gives them an additional food sources.


Bigfoot by Tim

Bigfoot by Tim

A very reputable couple (husband and wife, elderly) near Gosport, Indiana contacted us last week about a sighting along the White River a couple of months ago in February. This week, other Owen County residents gave us two additional reports, and unknowing to them, the reports are only one mile apart! All four interviewed had very similar descriptions. We at PPSC, Sasquatch Research Field Team, are almost sure these reports could possibly be the same beast because of one unusual trait the spotters all made note of in it’s appearance.  There will be extensive follow-ups on these reports.



To DJ and Chy, congratulations on finally getting the keys to the restaurant in Paragon! This is the best place for breakfast in the area, served all day I might add. Get there early because they are only open till 2 p.m. on Sunday till Thursday, but open later on the weekends . DJ serves really good steak and catfish on Friday and Saturdays.

A big shout-out to our friends at Lou’s Cafe on US 231 south of Cloverdale, Indiana. Where the homemade bread,  cinnamon rolls, pies, tenderloins, burgers, taco salads, chef salads, beans and cornbread… awww heck, it’s all awesome!!

Happy Birthday to Braydon and Ethan Rohland!! Love you guys!

Till next time!



Jan 03

Old Paranormal Investigations – Before PPSC

Old Haunted House, Indiana

Old Haunted House, Indiana


When I first started this blog, I was full of stories of our past paranormal research. This included all the wonderful clients and their spirits. I’m still full of stories so this time I’m going to relate an incident that occurred in July of 1981, in a private home in Lawrence County. At the request of the homeowners I will not divulge the address, but lets say it was southwest of Harrodsburg. Bob wasn’t in my life yet either, so I was going it alone at that time.

The house was a small 2 bedroom structure built around 1900 as a two room cottage, then had an added-on modernization in the early 50s. The house had a history of always being empty; residents never seemed to stay more than a year and occasionally, two years,. Then, it would be vacant for a year or two. Even with the history of short time residency, the structure had always been cared for and was a really cute house.

The clients were a  married couple in their late 30s, both employed. There were no children and no pets in the house. It was the wife (Elaine) who called me just after 2 weeks of residency to see if I could help determine what was in their house; Jim, the husband “had no experiences to talk about” but he obviously did have something paranormal happen to him. There was no fear on their part, just curiosity.

It started on the day they moved in. The cabinet doors in the kitchen would not stay shut. The magnetic catches seemed to be okay, but the doors kept popping open every time they left the room. The kicker was that if Elaine was home by herself, it didn’t happen. Jim seemed to set it off as soon as he opened the front door. I tried to debunk the doors opening by trying to connect it to the old hardwood plank floors, but that failed. Then we tried the opening of the front door and the possible change in air pressure or wind currents within the house, but they didn’t work out either. With all three possible answers debunked, we had to accept a paranormal reason for the cabinet doors opening when Jim was home.

There was a faint “man shaped” shadow which would pass through the  bedrooms and bathroom around 4-5pm. It was not known for sure if it happened every day, but if one of the residents happened to be home at that time, they would see it. Lucky me, I did observe it on several occasions. This seemed like a residual energy and I felt no feelings of a negative nature from the shadow. It was harmless to the living and was just moving around in his own little existence.

Are you familiar with a spirit called a Domovoi? It is a house spirit of Russian/Slavic tradition who was a former owner or resident of the house or property. Upon death, the spirit of the individual (the Domovoi) decided to stay around and take care of his home. By take care, I mean he protects the structure and land and even the residents from anyone or anything which could harm them. In almost all cases, the Domovoi is a good and is a wonderful spirit to have around. It is also a free spirit that is able to move around or leave as it wants.

Because the paranormal activity was harmless, I was sure that it was a Domovoi pulling the prank with the kitchen cabinet doors. He liked the wife, Elaine but was unsure of Jim, the husband. The timing of the shadow and it’s so-far harmless nature told me it was probably a former resident. Since it was moving through the add-on section of the two bedrooms, it was probably someone, a man, who lived there after 1950. I explained the Domovoi to Elaine and Jim and told them to talk to him; there was resistance from Jim, but Elaine was all for it. Since my hidden talent told me to tell them to call him Bill, that is just what they did.

After living there one month Elaine was by herself, in the bedroom folding laundry. She was not sleeping or even laying down; she was wide awake in the only air-conditioned room on the hot August day. At a few minutes after 4:00pm. she heard the locked front doors open and the sound of boots on the hardwood floors in the living room. The boots walked across the room, into the adjacent bedroom and into the bathroom. The steps stopped on the bathroom’s tiled floor.

Thinking it was Jim, she yelled to him and let him know she was in the master bedroom (door closed). She also welcomed him home and told him she loved him and was glad he was home an hour earlier than expected.. Since there was no answer from Jim, Elaine got up to check on him. No one was in any of the other rooms in the small house. The locked entrance doors she heard open were still closed and secured.

The house spirit was back. Elaine called me to let me know of this new development of booted footsteps at the time of day they had previously observed the shadow.

This was the last time any paranormal events occurred at the house while Jim and Elaine lived there. The couple lasted longer than most at 8 years, but a change in jobs required them to relocate, not the spirit. I think that the fact that Elaine welcomed the Domovoi “home” and told him she loved him gave the Domovoi the respect he had been looking for, so he was at peace with them as the new residents of his home.

After one month the activity had all stopped, even the shadow. I guess the Domovoi (Bill) became accepting of Jim. But…Bill sure loved Elaine!

After I was complete with my investigation, we checked the history of the house with some locals that were friends of ours and found out an interesting fact; a former resident of the house had passed away there about 30 years previous to Jim and Elaine purchasing the property. His name was Bill.

Hope you liked this! I do have more. The next blog will catch you up on recent Sasquatch research.


A special shout-out to Hunter, Ethan and Braydon! Love you guys!

Also – To the employees at Lou’s Restaurant near Quincy and Cloverdale, Indiana. Great food and service!    Tenderloin Sandwiches, onion Rings and Cinnamon Rolls, all homemade!  Yum!

Till next time,


Nov 30

Bigfoot Incidents From Central Indiana, Again!!

 Morgan-Monroe Forestry

                  Morgan-Monroe Forestry

Family Campgrounds at Morgan-Monroe Forestry

Family Campgrounds at Morgan-Monroe Forestry


We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. This is one of the most important holidays of the year to me and should be celebrated by all. Shame on the businesses that force their employee to work instead of spending the day with their family and friends!

Squatching has been the name of the game for most of us over the last six weeks. We have spent a lot of time in the Morgan-Monroe Forestry and in a research site near the small town of Quincy. In Morgan-Monroe, just a few days ago we hear one of the best Bigfoot roars I have ever heard. It was deep, very long and very loud and sounded off 2 times, and maybe a third. (Unfortunately someone with us decided to talk while the sounds were coming through the woods.)  It sure did quiet the coyotes!

In our research site southwest of Quincy there was exceptional activity over the last few months. This could be due to the fact that farmers have been removing the crops and stirring up the deer population in our area. Two dark brown or black creatures, estimated to be 7 to 8 feet tall and very hairy were observed by 3 individuals, over a period of 10-15 minutes, walking slowly across a field, approximately 400 feet (measured) from them. It was a very warm day, about 75 degrees, so the observers know for sure that they were not men in winter coats. One beast of the same description was observed later walking next to the creek behind the witnesses’ house. We have set out trail cameras, but so far there has only been the normal wild game for the area recorded. (Lots of Deer!)

Near our home is the Paragon Conservation Club. On the property is a private lake for use by the members and their guests. It sits in a forest setting with steep hills on three sides and a broad open yard where the dam sits. It is usually a nice quiet place to start a fire cook some hotdogs and relax while fishing or swimming. In May of this year, about 8:30 (dusk) one member and his family were fishing at the lake when a large rock was thrown into the water next to them. Immediately, all sounds commonly associated with a forest and lake in the early evening in south central Indiana ceased. The geese that had been in the water left and flew away from the lake. Since the family had a couple of small children with them, they also left immediately, frightened by the rock. There was no actual sighting of what threw the rock, but it had to be something big and very strong. The witnesses included the man and his wife and 2 children. They have never returned to the lake since the incident.

In Dugger, Indiana, there are very old coal strip mines which now are covered with trees of all sizes. The Indiana DNR has opened up the area to hunters. The witness was bow hunting in October along one of the ridges when he observed a “man” dressed in all brown standing next to a tree about 200 feet below him. While he watched, the “man” ducked under the limb of an old oak tree and quickly moved into a stand of pine trees. Curious about the activities of the “man”, because he wasn’t dressed in the required hunting safety gear, our witness walked to the oak tree, thinking he would follow the individual for a while to see why he was in the hunting zone, a dangerous situation when deer hunters are out. When he reached the oak he was very surprised by what he found ; the limb the creature had ducked under was at least 10 feet off the ground!  He could not reach it with his 6’4″ height and stretching out with the bow he was carrying. The witness left the area immediately and has not returned.

Gosport, Indiana, is only 8 miles southwest of us here in Paragon. There are 2 roads in and out of the small town, one of which is County Line Road, called such because it is the political boundary line of Owen and Monroe Counties after travelers cross the bridge of the West Fork of the White River. In 2008, a female witness was traveling south and had just crossed the bridge when a figure by the side of the caught her eye. She slowed down thinking it would run out in front of her. She described it as standing approximately 7 feet tall with dark brown (almost black) shaggy hair and with hair all over it’s face. The eyes were large and dark and because it’s mouth was open she could see large square teeth. It was still standing at the tree as she went by it, speeding up for a fast getaway.

There were actually 2 reports in this area, but we didn’t get details from the other witness.

I’m sorry there is no ghost stuff this time, but the amount of Sasquatch information we have is humongous.

I’ll get back with you in a few weeks! I promise there will be ghostie stories.





Oct 07


Iconic Mothman statue in downtown Point Pleasant, West Virginia

                                                   Mothman statue in downtown Point Pleasant, West Virginia


September was quite a month for Paragon Paranormal Shadow Chasers.

We have been busy going over the various data gathered at the Morgan County Fair in August, revisiting old  haunted locations and continuing with research at our Sasquatch investigations. We also travelled out-of-state for various events; some events paranormal, others not so unusual.

Point Pleasant, West Virginia, has always been a favorite “haunt” for us, meaning Bob and me. Our initial visit there was because of the Mothman legend, and the beast’s appearances during the time of the town’s greatest tragedy, the December 1967 collapse of the Ohio River’s Silver Bridge. John Keel published many different books on the subject, the most informative being The Mothman Prophecies. It was this book that the movie by the same name, starring Richard Geer, was loosely based on.

The town now celebrates the visits of the Mothman, who many in the area think was a harbinger of the tragedy of the bridge collapse. The Mothman Festival is the third weekend in September and is growing every year as more and more paranormal and cryptid enthusiasts are drawn to the cryptid mecca.

While there we got a chance to have dinner at the Harris Steakhouse. The proprietor is one of the sweetest ladies we have ever met, Carolyn Harris. She took the time to set down with us and talk about the tragedy of the Silver Bridge and Mothman sightings in the area. If you go to Point Pleasant be sure to stop by her restaurant, say hello, and enjoy a Mothman Burger!

Carolyn Harris of the Harris Steakhouse in downtown Point Pleasant

                                              Carolyn Harris of the Harris Steakhouse in downtown Point Pleasant

For ghost lovers there is the Historic Lowe Hotel in downtown Point Pleasant. Our 5 visits to the hotel have produced a plethora of spirit activity, in photos with the most disturbing being the photo of the two ghosties in the front lobby watching Bob as he was reading a book. The resident spirits low voices and whispers also tend to call out our names on the 3rd and 4th floors. The place is spooky!

The Historic Lowes Hotel in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

                                                      The Historic Lowes Hotel in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

In Weston, West Virginia, is the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. This was our third trip to the asylum and finally it was open for tours, but unfortunately we were pressed for time and were unable to take the tour but did get a few quality photos. Maybe next time we will see if we can contact “Baby Lilly”, one of the resident haunts.

Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum in Weston, Virginia

                                                  Front Entrance to the Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum in Weston, Virginia


Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum

Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum in Weston, W.V.



Finally, Sasquatch!

Morgan and adjacent counties in Indiana have seen an increase in suspected Squatch activity in the last five years. This is my conclusion after the time spent at our booth at the Morgan County Fair. We had some interesting incidents reported to us but the most compelling was from a young woman named “Susan” who lived in Brooklyn, Indiana, a small town in the northern region of the county.

As told to us her story follows:

In August of 2011, Susan lived on the south side of Brooklyn near a street called Cabin Row. Her house was next to the railroad track which transverse the town from south to north on elevated ballast. Her car was always parked in her driveway which was lit up with a security light on the edge of a nearby outbuilding, and by a street light.

Just after sunset, between 9:45-10:00p.m. she left her house to retrieve something from the front seat of her car. When she opened the door of the car the interior light came on and provided even more light in the area. Suddenly she became aware of movement from the passenger side of the auto, and looking over the roof of her car she came face to face with a mighty beast, or monster as she called it. (Susan had goose bumps on her body as she told the story and her voice quivered.)

It stared at her and she at it, so she got a good look; Susan was unable to move because of her fright. The monster rose well above the car, to a height she estimated to be 8.5-9′. Her statement was that “it kept getting bigger and bigger”. The black or dark brown beast had big, dark eyes, but they did not glow. It’s massive shoulders, chest and body were covered with long hair, but the face only had hair where normal men have hair around the mouth, chin and jaw lines. The face resembled a cross between a man and an ape and it had no neck.

The beast looked at her, then grunted and turned away. In just a few gliding steps it was up and over the railroad track and disappeared into the weeds to the south of her home. She immediately ran to her home and locked her doors.

She never saw the beast again. When she told others about the chance incident in her driveway, most just laughed a her so she stopped telling about the meeting.

We were honored to be the first outside her family and friends to learn of Susan’s terrifying experience. And, it was frightening for us to hear about it because Susan also had tears in her eyes as she relayed the incident.

This was just one of the many paranormal stories that were told to us. Stay tuned for more in the coming months!

A  special shout out to Carolyn Harris in Point Pleasant, Logan in Martinsville, Indiana, and to Wild Bill and the rest of the Mountain Monsters crew (even Scott Pearl!) in West Virginia.

Till next month!


Carol Farrell



Aug 30


Bob at the Morgan County Fair, 2015

Bob at the Morgan County Fair, 2015

For Paragon Paranormal Shadow Chasers, the month of August, 2015, was very memorable. I decided it was now time for testing the local human population’s acceptance of paranormal subject matters. So, PP-SC went amongst the local participants of the Morgan County 4-H Fair (in Martinsville, Indiana) and established an information booth and talked with people about our paranormal and Sasquatch investigations. We were  the first paranormal or Sasquatch group to ever set up at the fair, which also gained us some airtime on the local radio station WCBK when we were requested to perform an interview with their on-site reporter.

The effort was highly successful both in terms of acceptance and in gathering data for future investigations. One simple question I asked of those who seemed interested was “Are you a believer?” The responses were amazing. That question would lead to Sasquatch or ghost stories and more information for my data bases. Some people would respond with what I call the “Paranormal But”, which means they would say “I’m a skeptic, BUT, then follow with an incident or event of a supernatural nature.

There were a few true skeptics who were very polite. I will not discuss the totally close-minded individuals who absolutely do not believe, or repeat some of the rather crass words they said to us. For them, I just told them that we appreciate everyone’s opinions, and we need skeptics to help keep us paranormal believers grounded.

At the Morgan County 4-H Fair, 2015

At the Morgan County 4-H Fair, 2015

I love ghostie people!  We heard some fantastic ghost stories from some of the fair-goers and answered lots of questions about our better-known investigations. Several people requested ghost investigations and since we never charge for an investigation, hopefully they will seek us out for answers.

The Sasquatch (or bigfoot) incidents in our local area go far beyond any that we were aware of. A lot of individuals do not tell others of their incidents because of a fear of ridicule, but the first thing we tell them is that at PP-SC we do not laugh because we take the subject matter seriously. In the next few months I will relate a few of their stories on this blog and tell more about our current on-going investigations locally.

My biggest surprise came in the sharing of  local UFO incidents. A few were so compelling that I will be turning them over to an organization I belong to, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). MUFON has members trained at evaluating and investigating such events.

I want to thank one of PP-SC’s most experienced ghost hunters, Wendy Kuhn, for assisting Bob and me at the booth.

A special thanks to a little lady named Emily Olson for helping one day too.

And to the man with the coloring book, Neil of Neil’s Auto Body Shop, thanks for the photo that helped us identify the ghost (Ruth Ann) from our Trafalgar investigation at the Hungry Hoosier.

A special shout-out to an old former employee of mine, Richard Wilson – Thanks for stopping by and chatting.


Till next time,



Blocked trail at Bigfoot investigation location

Blocked trail at Bigfoot investigation location in Morgan County, Indiana.   July, 2015

Jul 24




Even the ghosts are liking the cooking at the Hungry Hoosier in Trafalgar, Indiana.

Even the ghosts are liking the cooking at the Hungry Hoosier in Trafalgar, Indiana


What a crazy looking sign! We loved it when we first saw it.

Trafalgar’s old 1950’s frosty-treat drive-up had been replaced by a restaurant several years in the past, with good food and friendly faces. But the new owners, the Kersey’s, updated a few things inside, kept the menu much the same and renamed it with the fun-loving sign.

Bob and I knew almost from the minute we walked into the Hungry Hoosier in Trafalgar, Indiana, that there was a spirit or two roaming around the restaurant. Other guests didn’t seem to notice, but the individuals who work there had become very aware of the spirit world invading their space. The employees had heard their names called out several times and been lightly touched; shadows were seen that were unexplainable and material objects were moved around or “misplaced” on occasion. Although not all the employees had experienced these events, but they were aware of the talk.

One apparition in particular, an elderly man, kept coming down the stairs, watching the cook and taking a peek into the dining room. He seemed to be there at every trip we made to enjoy Kim’s country style food and atmosphere. The other was a female spirit, 65-70 years old (in spirit form) who seemed to like to follow the servers from the kitchen, going front to back, back to front. She wasn’t always there and seemed to be shy around customers because she would disappear after a short while.

We decided we would give the spirits the notice at least one of the spirits wanted. Kim, the owner of the Hungry Hoosier, asked us to investigate and try to determine how many were present and possibly who they were. This is the type of investigation we love the most.

So, one evening when we had one of our investigators with us, and went to eat at the Hungry Hoosier, we all, including the restaurant employees, decided to stay and check out the ghosts. It turned into a fun evening for all of us.

Every machine that could be shut down was turned off to reduce the noise level and K-2s were used to located areas of high electro-magnetic fields. Surprisingly, there was little to worry about in the kitchen and dining room areas. All blinds were closed to prevent light pollution from the roads and nearby businesses.

We started seeing a shadow moving around so taking the lead, Bob climbed up the stairs to the second floor when a man’s voice softly told him to “leave”. This was the only time a voice was heard during the investigation. Our recorders did not pick up any other noises which I would contribute to the spirits, so unfortunately we did not obtain any names of the departed.

There were a few small orbs photographed in the upstairs meeting room/ supply room, and the old man spirit was seen and observed by us as he moved around us.

Downstairs, the female spirit was hiding in the ladies restroom and would occasionally stick her head out to look toward us. The ladies restroom door opened and loudly closed once, much to the delight of the employees who had stayed to join in the investigation with us. (She was shy!)

We did get one photo that was suspect and almost overlooked because it was taken right before we left for the evening. (Fortunately, I review everything at least two times!)

Is this a spirit shadow on the run in the kitchen of the Hungry Hoosier?

Is this a spirit shadow on the run in the kitchen of the Hungry Hoosier?


This cellphone photo of the suspect shadow in the kitchen was taken as a shadow was observed by Bob moving through the area. We think we captured it on the run and trying to exit out the air duct in the ceiling. Notice the stack of white plates is almost blocked out on the right side by a gray “fuzziness”. The flash is almost absorbed by the object, making the whole area appear very dark.

This is what the kitchen looks like when a normal digital flash camera is used.

The Hungry Hoosier kitchen has lots of shiny surfaces to reflect lights.

The Hungry Hoosier kitchen has lots of shiny surfaces to reflect lights.



Although the evening was a little disappointing since we captured no voices on the audio recorders (EVPs), all three of us were satisfied with the results; and our guest investigators had fun too, I think.

We will definitely return to the Hungry Hoosier!

Everyone – Call us if you have any haunting locations!

See you at the Morgan County Fair!




Jun 15

Ghostly Days and Sasquatch Nights!


Willy, Huckleberry Bob (of PP-SC) Wild Bill and Jeff of Mountain Monsters. Buck and Trapper were unable to attend the Creature Weekend activities


Bill Brock and Nick Redfern

Bill Brock and Nick Redfern

May was a busy month and June is shaping up that way for the Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers and their Sasquatch Research Field Team. We’re a small group and we’ve been pushed in two directions for the last several weeks – and we love it! In the last week of April we were at Creature Weekend sponsored by Sasquatch Watch Radio of Virginia at Salt Fork Park in Ohio. What a blast it was; we recommend all bigfoot enthusiasts attend the next one in 2016. Hats off to Bruce/Creature Seeker and Willie for a super fun event. We made friends with Team Rogue of Monsters Underground and the West Virginia crew from Mountain Monsters.

Bob is now a good friend to “Wild Bill” of Mountain Monsters (who is as wild in daily life as he is on the show) Bob’s conversations with the Team Rogue gang had them wanting to come to Indiana to seek out the state’s notorious Venomous Ducks, until we told them that is what we tell people when they ask about the briar scratches on Bob’s arms he always manages to get when he mows the yard.

There were many crypto-zoologists and paranormal authors attending also including one of my favorites, Nick Redfern. As usual, Nick was full of information of paranormal subjects as well as the crypto-animal kind. He is also one of the nicest people in the supernatural community.

We haven’t neglected our ghost hunting. We had one of our shortest investigations at a private residence close to our home. The owners had been remodeling their 130 year old home and became aware of some paranormal activity which came along with it. Almost immediately upon our arrival we detected a small ghost child, 4-5 years in age, female, hanging around the living room in the old house. In the rear part of the structure, a man wearing blue shirt and pants was pacing the area. We consider both to be residual specters, since they would not respond to our questions. Photos showed small orbs in the location the small child ghost was hanging out.

While we did not spend much time there, the owners agreed that the two apparitions we detected were the same as the ones they had been seeing; they were the two spirits whose ghostly appearances had prompted the property owners to call Paragon Paranormal-Shadow Chasers to investigate.

PP-SC investigator goes up the ladder to investigate old rafters.

PP-SC investigator goes up the ladder to investigate old rafters.

We do intend to return to the residence, but will make it after the renovation is complete.

Our Sasquatch Research Field Team has been combing the area looking for the hairy beast, but mostly, the local police have been contacting us about recent sightings in the north central portion of Morgan County and one in western Owen County.

All data received is being catalogued and mapped. If you have a sighting or suspect Sasquatch activity near you, please contact us. All reports will be kept confidential if requested; We do not divulge names.

Shout out to our friend Alissa in Ohio. She just started her own crypto group, O.H.I.O. (Ohio Humanoid Investigations Organization), and will be on-line before too long. (Alissa is a sweetie. We met her at the Creature Weekend and hung out with her through many of the events. Also, her family, especially her Mother, is one of the best mothers in the world since she is the one who purchased Alissa’s ticket to the event.)

Everyone stay in touch! More good news next month!



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