Dec 23

12/21/12 – Not Survival, But New Physics?

National Cemetery

Honor Our Veterans and Our Heros

Really? Did you really expect some global changes or disasters to occur on 12/21/12?  Maybe a secret government experiment to go horribly wrong? Or galactic invaders or our sun to hit us with a kill shot? Maybe you thought that riots would break out or everyone would wake up with horrible boils all over their bodies from radiation poisoning?

It’s over – but if you check with the WebBots, we’ve entered a black hole of being able to predict future events at least until the middle of May 2013.

The past few months have brought about a change in the field of physics, specifically on July 4th, when the very expensive Swiss Hadron Collider (the large one!) discovered the elusive, but much-anticipated,  “Higgs Boson”.  An important part of our atomic existence, it has been called the final piece in standard physics which accounts for our very existence and all the material things around us.

This discovery has taken us into a new  understanding of the physics we were taught in school but it also opens up the door to more elusive realms, including the realm where spirits may roam – the area of dark matter? Could the spirit world hide in the areas where everyday science has been unable to tread, and unwilling to admit to, until now?

We can only hope.

Happy New Year!!!


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