Oct 16

PP-SC Determines; Not Just Spoooky Politics At Martinsville City Hall!


This is the month when summer finally ends and nature prepares for winter. Most of the friends we have love October for the colorful fall leaves, crisp apples, festivals, cool days, bonfires and all the decorations for the final event – Halloween.


Paragon Paranormal team members prepare for the night’s investigation in the Martinsville City Hall Chamber Room.


The last day of September we completed the our fourth investigation in our paranormal research at Martinsville City Hall. It will most likely not be our last either. Every returning visit we encountered new spirits and had plenty of experiences, especially in the gallery or balcony area of the massive Chamber Room on the second floor.

The sensitive individuals who work with our group all observed shadows moving throughout the gallery, from one side to the other and occasionally moving onto the floor of the main seating area. Our still cameras, some using infrared lighting, captured many “orbs” although not all were considered spiritual in nature. One consistent problem from night to-night was that we could not keep our motion detection cameras on; they would shut down after a few minutes. We finally gave up on them and concentrated on taking an increased number of stills for comparison later. There were a couple of times when even the still cameras would not work and would shut down on their own, or the batteries would be completely drained in a matter of minutes. We had hoped to capture a few of the shadows, but only a couple of pictures had any questionable anomalies.

Luckily, the spirits were a talkative group and we recorded several really nice EVPs. One female spirit let me know she knew my name in an EVP taken in the aisle of the main chamber. There was a very distinctive whistle, almost birdlike, on our second investigation and various whispers and a distinct “sweetie cake” on our last visit.

The investigation of the building’s basement turned up little else but a couple of orbs which seemed to lead us down the stairs, then follow us around. We were expecting high EMF’s also because of the multitude of wires and utilities in the small area, but there were only very weak amounts detected with our meters.

Another attempt, although a short one, to capture something in the old firehouse produced nothing we could call paranormal. We still plan a long evening there sometime in the future.

To sum up our experiences at the Martinsville City Hall; Several good EVPs and many good photos of spirit orbs combined with personal experiences taking place at the same time  made the MCH a haunted location in our estimate. We must also include the facts that our medium Trisha was pushed by something and was left with finger marks on her upper arm while in the upper gallery. Trisha had several spirits giving her names, a couple which were checked out in historical records and most of us heard whispers and smelled flowers. All of our investigators saw shadows moving around, but because we could not keep our camcorders running (something kept turning them off!), we unfortunately did not record them.

All we can say is that the Martinsville City Hall is Haunted!!

Thank-you Mayor Deckard!

Our next adventure is shaping up, and is either one of two restaurants or an old farmhouse near Hyndsdale.

Happy Halloween!

Carol Farrell

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