Jan 29

Sasquatch and Spirits Investigations Finish Up 2016 – finally!

I know… it’s been a while since I posted.  I broke my ankle in August and October( 2 times this year) so we haven’t really been out except to do a few interviews. But, I promise we will be back in the field soon because if we do not, my investigation team will be after us.

Before my broken bones we did spend some time at the Dent House in Martinsville, Indiana. There were reports of spirits moving through the house by several of the family members. They included a couple of boy children downstairs, 2 adults upstairs and a crying child in the attic.


Dent House, Martinsville, Indiana 2016

Dent House, Martinsville, Indiana 2016

Moving orb at Dent House at location where child spirit was seen.

Moving orb at Dent House at location where child spirit was previously seen.

We were unable to obtain any EVPs while there, but after a couple of hours of general discussion with the present resident and owner, the orbs started showing up in the photos on the first floor and motion sensor equipment indicated movement. The K-2s also picked up energy fields, quite strong several times and at the same time the orbs showed up on the photos. I thought it was a good catch!

More time is needed for a better investigation at the Dent House. Maybe next time we can get better photos and convince them to talk to us. Paragon Paranormal lists the Dent House as HAUNTED; just as the owner and his family said it was!

One other short investigation our team performed was at a local 1880’s Odd Fellows Lodge/ Hardware Store in Paragon, Indiana. The 3 story brick building had housed a hardware store on the first floor which had a series of owners over the last 135 years. It was also a fabric shop and is presently a used furniture or thrift shop. An auditorium on the third floor was the location of many local ceremonies and plays for the Odd Fellows and locals acting groups over the years.

The building itself is presently under threat of condemnation by the county. We are extremely thankful for the short investigation we performed. All I can say about the investigation is that we did contact a previous owner more than once who answered our series of questions using a K-2. And, a residual spirit of a short, bald man, wearing coveralls is on the first floor doing restocking in the front window and the main floor of the building. A few dark shadows were observed in the rear of the main floor.

The second floor and third were scary because they are hazardous to walk around due to the condition of the wooden floors. We only managed to take a few photos at those locations.

But, the building is officially listed as HAUNTED by Paragon Paranormal Shadow Chasers. We all would like to do a longer investigation to obtain some audio from the former owner!

Odd Fellows Lodge/ Hardware Store in Paragon, Indiana

Odd Fellows Lodge/ Hardware Store     Union Street in Paragon, Indiana


Our Sasquatch Field Investigation Team will be sponsoring a  Bigfoot forum we are calling Bigfoot Speak– An Evening With Bigfoot. The forum will be located at PJ and CHY’s Diner on SR 67, south-side of Paragon, Indiana. We’re asking everyone who has had a sighting or incident to come tell their story. Starts at 6:00 p.m. – come early for seating and enjoy the food. (The restaurant will be open till 8:00 p.m.)

A special shout-out to Kraig Maxwell Cassida – please  don’t have any more wrecks. Take care of yourself and get well soon!

I promise I will not wait so long to blog again!!



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