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Ancient Indians Left Their Mark


We are the founders of Paragon Paranormal, but mostly me, Carol, and I’m just dragging Bob along since he’s more sensitive to the spirits than I am.  I hear them and occasionally see them, but he sees them more often. We make a great team.

We know that curiosity brought you here to our webpage. Maybe you laughingly picked up one of our business cards, or maybe you saw the Paragon Paranormal license plates on one of our investigators vehicles, but it brought you here to look around and that’s what counts. But admit it – if you know us, (but not well or you would have known about our hobby!) you laughed when you saw the names and headquarters associated with our group! (Carol and Bob Farrell in Paragon, Indiana?) We hope you will not laugh at what we do when you look over the hard data, the electronic voice data (EVP’s) and the photos from our many paranormal investigations we present on this site.

Ghost hunting, paranormal research, or whatever you want to call it, is something I have wanted to do all my life, but the trials and tribulations of living have kept me from doing it full time until now. What changed? My recent retirement from a full time career in the world of the investigative geological sciences!

iPhones can capture images of ghostly little girl

My geo-technical career was investigation, mostly data gathering based, plus the engineering education and experience associated with the profession didn’t hurt either. In the geotechnical line of work, we look for the unknown or confirm the known geological aspects of a specific geographic area. Then, the data and/or samples of the rock and soils obtained are tested and studied in the lab for its existing parameters. The results of the tests and field survey are then compiled into a report and applied to engineering designs for roads, bridges, buildings and other assorted man-made structures.

When comparing the search for mysterious sub-atomic particles of the atom, the search for life on Mars, research to map the building blocks of our genetic structure and into the ability of stem cells to repair our bodies, our search for proof of the existence of a parallel universe or spiritual realm should receive the same careful and scientific consideration. Investigation of the unknown? That is science. I just shifted the object of my lifelong search from the earth sciences and geology to the spirit realm. Like the Mountain Apes, ghosts have been here for a very long time, but only seen on occasion, and like with the apes, no one believed they existed.

We have actually been seeking out haunts for about five years now and only until the past year have we added any new members to our loosely knit group. You most likely know one of them. Most of them began as skeptics, but were curious enough to join in our investigations. Some members are still skeptics, but cannot come up with an answer for the data we have accumulated or for their personal experiences. Plus, we need skeptics to help keep other members grounded!


Enjoy the website and look for changes and updates. As you look over our site just remember two things; first, the phenomena as shown and described could have happened to you and may happen in the future, and secondly, while we now consider all these events supernatural, the world of the paranormal may soon become the normal and will be accepted as ordinary events in the future, just as the atom is now accepted. We have four ongoing investigations and the situations may get very interesting before long!

If you need some help with paranormal situations, or would just like to talk about something which seems paranormal and would like our opinion, just contact us. We do not charge for our services.

Right on cue - Could these be the spirits of former plantation owners?

Orbs make a presence on the the main staircase at the Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, LA


Carol Farrell

Founder – Paragon Paranormal


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  1. Rich Campbell

    I would love to join a group to check out stepp cemetery I live 10 mins away please help me join one

    1. carol

      Call me at our number 765-234-1934 and we’ll talk. maybe we can find someone for you to investigate with that lives near you.

  2. LaDonna Shaffer

    I just moved into paragon and bought a house on border st. I would love to be on your teem.
    I was at the dinner and saw the tshirt.

    1. carol

      I remember you!
      We need to stop by your house to check it out sometime soon and in the process show you some of the equipment we use to do our investigations.
      Thank-you for your interest. Hope to see you at the restaurant and we can make arrangements.

  3. lynn Williams

    Any chance you are accepting Jew members? I live only a few minutes away. I used to have my own group but the other members have lost interest in the field.

    1. carol

      Hello Lynn!
      Sorry I’m so late getting back to you.
      We are not accepting new members at this time, but if you will send me some information about yourself I will add you to my applicants list. Send correspondence to our yahoo account: paragonparanormal@yahoo.com
      Carol Farrell

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