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Bob at the Morgan County Fair, 2015

Bob at the Morgan County Fair, 2015

For Paragon Paranormal Shadow Chasers, the month of August, 2015, was very memorable. I decided it was now time for testing the local human population’s acceptance of paranormal subject matters. So, PP-SC went amongst the local participants of the Morgan County 4-H Fair (in Martinsville, Indiana) and established an information booth and talked with people about our paranormal and Sasquatch investigations. We were  the first paranormal or Sasquatch group to ever set up at the fair, which also gained us some airtime on the local radio station WCBK when we were requested to perform an interview with their on-site reporter.

The effort was highly successful both in terms of acceptance and in gathering data for future investigations. One simple question I asked of those who seemed interested was “Are you a believer?” The responses were amazing. That question would lead to Sasquatch or ghost stories and more information for my data bases. Some people would respond with what I call the “Paranormal But”, which means they would say “I’m a skeptic, BUT, then follow with an incident or event of a supernatural nature.

There were a few true skeptics who were very polite. I will not discuss the totally close-minded individuals who absolutely do not believe, or repeat some of the rather crass words they said to us. For them, I just told them that we appreciate everyone’s opinions, and we need skeptics to help keep us paranormal believers grounded.

At the Morgan County 4-H Fair, 2015

At the Morgan County 4-H Fair, 2015

I love ghostie people!  We heard some fantastic ghost stories from some of the fair-goers and answered lots of questions about our better-known investigations. Several people requested ghost investigations and since we never charge for an investigation, hopefully they will seek us out for answers.

The Sasquatch (or bigfoot) incidents in our local area go far beyond any that we were aware of. A lot of individuals do not tell others of their incidents because of a fear of ridicule, but the first thing we tell them is that at PP-SC we do not laugh because we take the subject matter seriously. In the next few months I will relate a few of their stories on this blog and tell more about our current on-going investigations locally.

My biggest surprise came in the sharing of  local UFO incidents. A few were so compelling that I will be turning them over to an organization I belong to, MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). MUFON has members trained at evaluating and investigating such events.

I want to thank one of PP-SC’s most experienced ghost hunters, Wendy Kuhn, for assisting Bob and me at the booth.

A special thanks to a little lady named Emily Olson for helping one day too.

And to the man with the coloring book, Neil of Neil’s Auto Body Shop, thanks for the photo that helped us identify the ghost (Ruth Ann) from our Trafalgar investigation at the Hungry Hoosier.

A special shout-out to an old former employee of mine, Richard Wilson – Thanks for stopping by and chatting.


Till next time,



Blocked trail at Bigfoot investigation location

Blocked trail at Bigfoot investigation location in Morgan County, Indiana.   July, 2015


  1. Evan

    Hi Carol
    That’s great you got that additional exposure at the fair and radio station!

  2. Trisha

    I got an email about this post and had to see how y’all were doing. Looks like business is good! Great pic of Bob!

    1. carol

      Doing good, staying busy this time of year. We have several locations lined-up and now have to find the time to get them all done. Bigfoot is everywhere and the ghosties are still haunting.
      Say hello to everybody in Bloomington.

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