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Paragon Paranormal in the bright lights of the Tivoli Theatre in Spencer, Indiana

Paragon Paranormal in the bright lights of the Tivoli Theatre in Spencer, Indiana

It’s been a busy month but not because of ghost hunting!

On April 22nd we were at the Tivoli Theatre in Spencer, Indiana with many local Bigfoot followers. PP-SC sponsored Bigfoot Night at the Tivoli. Our special guest was Chris McDaniel, a contributor to the popular Monsters and Mysteries on Destination Channel whose presented his expertise on bi-pedal cryptids, (but –  not just limited to them!) in Indiana and beyond.

For all of you that missed it – Chris’s many years of experience in the field of American cryptids was a very good presentation!

Following Chris was a movie we all love to be frightened by, “The Legend of Boggy Creek”. This was the 1975 original docudrama of a series of beastly incidents around the small town of Fouke, Arkansas. Many of the participants in the film were the actual victims of the events which terrorized the area.

And, it wasn’t just movies and popcorn for PP-SC. The month of April and the first weekend in May have been filled with the field study of cryptid animals for members of Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers.

PP-SC’s Sasquatch Research Team members gathered in Morgan-Monroe Forestry over the weekend of May 1st to attend the 2nd Annual Bigfoot Weekend with the Indiana Bigfoot Research Organization and the Northern Kentucky Bigfoot Researchers. The event was open to the public and was well attended. Methods of hunting for Sasquatch, looking for suspected bigfoot evidence in the woods and ways to cast footprints in plaster (if they were lucky enough to find any) were demonstrated to all attendees.

Our representatives were excited about their experiences and the fact that they actually did get to cast a couple of supposed bigfoot tracks.

July 2014 - 15" Track discovered in Morgan County

July 2014 – 15″ Track discovered in Morgan County

Bob and I missed it, but it sounded like a really good field experience.

AND, why did we, as the founders of Paragon Paranormal, not attend, you ask!

We were lucky enough to attend Sasquatch Watch Radio’s “CREATURE WEEKEND” at Salt Fork State Park in Ohio.  The conference was a really informative and exceptionally fun affair, also sponsored by the Ohio Bigfoot Hunters.

What a great event! It was nice talking to other researchers in the cryptid hunting community, meeting with established cryptid authors and the cast of “Mountain Monsters” and “Monsters Underground”.

The hosts of Sasquatch Watch Radio, Billy Willard and Bruce Harrington, welcomed everyone personally! It was really great to put faces to the voices we hear every week.


AJ and Bill Brock of "Monsters Underground" at the Creatures Weekend conference

AJ and Bill Brock of “Monsters Underground” at the Creatures Weekend conference

The event is now annual and takes place at the Salt Fork Ohio State Park near Cambridge, Ohio. This park is reported to be home of the Ohio Grass-man

Billy Willard of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia

Billy Willard of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia


We met everyone! Cryptid authors included Nick Redfern, Chad Arment, and Daniel Green.

The cast of “Mountain Monsters” enjoyed mixing with everyone and especially with the many children who attended.(Bob is now best friends with “Wild Bill”.)

The cast members of “Monsters Underground” have now formed an organization called Team Rogue and are planning on filming paranormal and cryptid shows under that name.

The members of the Ohio Bigfoot Organization arranged a late night walk through the woods and demonstration of casting footprints.

There was a lot to do all three days and no one went to bed before midnight. I highly recommend all individuals and groups interested in cryptids attend the 2016 Creature Weekend.

So a shout out to our new conference friends; Bruce, Billy, Lisa, Evan, Phyllis, Sasquatch Ed, Nick, Chad, Bill, Anita, Bill, Jeremy, A.J. and all the A.I.M.S. crew. (We love you guys!)


Don’t worry. We will return to ghost hunting very soon!






  1. Diana McCartney

    Hello…are there any more meetings or events scheduled for the near future in Bloomington, Spencer IN area? Would like to attend. Sadly I wasn’t aware of the previous ones and missed being there. Thanks, Diana

  2. Evan Fingal

    Dear Carol and Bob ,It was great meeting you at Creature weekend!! I hope to see you next year !!


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