Nov 30

Bigfoot Incidents From Central Indiana, Again!!

 Morgan-Monroe Forestry

                  Morgan-Monroe Forestry

Family Campgrounds at Morgan-Monroe Forestry

Family Campgrounds at Morgan-Monroe Forestry


We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. This is one of the most important holidays of the year to me and should be celebrated by all. Shame on the businesses that force their employee to work instead of spending the day with their family and friends!

Squatching has been the name of the game for most of us over the last six weeks. We have spent a lot of time in the Morgan-Monroe Forestry and in a research site near the small town of Quincy. In Morgan-Monroe, just a few days ago we hear one of the best Bigfoot roars I have ever heard. It was deep, very long and very loud and sounded off 2 times, and maybe a third. (Unfortunately someone with us decided to talk while the sounds were coming through the woods.)  It sure did quiet the coyotes!

In our research site southwest of Quincy there was exceptional activity over the last few months. This could be due to the fact that farmers have been removing the crops and stirring up the deer population in our area. Two dark brown or black creatures, estimated to be 7 to 8 feet tall and very hairy were observed by 3 individuals, over a period of 10-15 minutes, walking slowly across a field, approximately 400 feet (measured) from them. It was a very warm day, about 75 degrees, so the observers know for sure that they were not men in winter coats. One beast of the same description was observed later walking next to the creek behind the witnesses’ house. We have set out trail cameras, but so far there has only been the normal wild game for the area recorded. (Lots of Deer!)

Near our home is the Paragon Conservation Club. On the property is a private lake for use by the members and their guests. It sits in a forest setting with steep hills on three sides and a broad open yard where the dam sits. It is usually a nice quiet place to start a fire cook some hotdogs and relax while fishing or swimming. In May of this year, about 8:30 (dusk) one member and his family were fishing at the lake when a large rock was thrown into the water next to them. Immediately, all sounds commonly associated with a forest and lake in the early evening in south central Indiana ceased. The geese that had been in the water left and flew away from the lake. Since the family had a couple of small children with them, they also left immediately, frightened by the rock. There was no actual sighting of what threw the rock, but it had to be something big and very strong. The witnesses included the man and his wife and 2 children. They have never returned to the lake since the incident.

In Dugger, Indiana, there are very old coal strip mines which now are covered with trees of all sizes. The Indiana DNR has opened up the area to hunters. The witness was bow hunting in October along one of the ridges when he observed a “man” dressed in all brown standing next to a tree about 200 feet below him. While he watched, the “man” ducked under the limb of an old oak tree and quickly moved into a stand of pine trees. Curious about the activities of the “man”, because he wasn’t dressed in the required hunting safety gear, our witness walked to the oak tree, thinking he would follow the individual for a while to see why he was in the hunting zone, a dangerous situation when deer hunters are out. When he reached the oak he was very surprised by what he found ; the limb the creature had ducked under was at least 10 feet off the ground!  He could not reach it with his 6’4″ height and stretching out with the bow he was carrying. The witness left the area immediately and has not returned.

Gosport, Indiana, is only 8 miles southwest of us here in Paragon. There are 2 roads in and out of the small town, one of which is County Line Road, called such because it is the political boundary line of Owen and Monroe Counties after travelers cross the bridge of the West Fork of the White River. In 2008, a female witness was traveling south and had just crossed the bridge when a figure by the side of the caught her eye. She slowed down thinking it would run out in front of her. She described it as standing approximately 7 feet tall with dark brown (almost black) shaggy hair and with hair all over it’s face. The eyes were large and dark and because it’s mouth was open she could see large square teeth. It was still standing at the tree as she went by it, speeding up for a fast getaway.

There were actually 2 reports in this area, but we didn’t get details from the other witness.

I’m sorry there is no ghost stuff this time, but the amount of Sasquatch information we have is humongous.

I’ll get back with you in a few weeks! I promise there will be ghostie stories.






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  1. Hunter Rohland

    Carol !! great to hear about the sasquatch, we will get him soon!!.
    I wanted to suggest a book to you, its a great read!!
    -{Paranormal Encounters) great book and some convensing evidence

    1. carol

      Hello Hunter! Thanks for the recommendation – it sounds like a book that’s just my style. It will be great when you finally get to join Uncle Bob and me for an official investigation. Hopefully, that will be soon.

  2. Jeff Obina

    I hike in the Prather Lake area of Morgan Monroe alone on the weekends and am often paced in the woods by some animals from time to time. Have never seen them. I see a lot of large coyote looking tracks an d deer(found a bobcat track yesterday). I found a kind of creepy area a year ago where trees roughly 8 feet off the ground have been partially broken and bent to form an X with other branches intertwined. almost into an asterisk. I finally took my son yesterday(a year later) and he agrees that looks purposely done and the limbs snapped off high up are roughly 4 to 5 inches thick. A year ago there were some arches and a small clearing in the woods where every small tree that formed a Y had sticks leaning in all the Ys. It felt like a camp with a lot of decent size trees broken off and the area was pretty trampled down. A lot of tree breaks. My son is an extremely spiritual person. I took him to the spot yesterday(Sunday 10/09) and he got the creeps and felt like we should not be there and wanted to hike back to the car. I had my first rock thrown between the two of us earlier in the day, accompanied by a rancid dog poop smell (I thought I’d stepped in something but found nothing around us and the smell went away) at an area that I always stop to see what’s been walking through this large muddy area. Now that Hatfield Ridge is open til year end, I plan to go there on the weekends. Should I be nervous walking out there alone? Wife doesn’t really like it.

    1. carol

      Good report Jeff!

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