Jul 10

Early Summer Heats Up the Spirits for Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers

PP-SC investigator has an orb hovering around his head

PP-SC investigator has an orb hovering around his head


So many ghosts and so little time!

It’s summer already, the year is half over and the spirits just don’t stop revealing themselves to our investigators. What started out as a slow spring has developed into a really busy schedule. Recently, we have been busy investigating the paranormal in Owen County, Indiana and giving the surrounding counties a break (but not for long!)

Our first scheduled investigation was a private home in the northern half of Owen county which we did at the end of May. You can read about it in my last posting.

The second was a house in Spencer, Indiana which is now used as a gun store in the living and dining areas on the main level. The rest of the large old Victorian style house is vacant or used for storage. While the old residence is void of furniture in many rooms, it is not vacant by any means because some of the former residents did not leave and it appears they plan to stay around forever and ever.

Not knowing the history of the building prior to the investigation, five of our members along with the two owners, spread throughout the building to look for high EMF areas and  appropriate camera locations. We also set back and waited for the mediums (individually) to seek out hot spots of spirit activity.

Immediately upon arrival and climbing the stairs to the second floor, PP-SC sensitive Trisha started picking up on the smells associated with a hospital. and she saw a man in a white coat going in and out of rooms on the second floor with a clipboard in his hand. She sensed illness and death. There was also an older lady who walked around who stated she was a caregiver.

Up until that time, no one in PP-SC knew the house had been used as a small hospital managed by a Dr. Claude Greene from about 1910 and then others until about 1971. They had cared for many different types of ill patients including birthing mothers, consumption (TB) and scarlet fever. When the owner of the house told us about its use for all those years, that explained Trisha’s findings of the smell and the type spirits present.

On the second floor Trisha also found a small girl with light brown hair who said her name was Sarah. She told Trisha that she had been there since she moved in around 1912. Her mother was there too (in spirit) and was a caregiver to the many patients. Sarah’s spirit existence was confirmed by Bob when he went upstairs  alone after Trisha came back down to the gun store areas.

An older lady, no name given and possibly a former owner, was hanging around in the large bedroom at the front of the house – where she had also passed away.

One of these spirits did not particularly like our intrusion into their quiet existence. The bedroom doors slammed shut two times on Trisha, one time locking her in. (I think it was the “caregiver”, but that’s just my impression.)

On the main level, there was a tall man hanging out in the kitchen and butler’s room area. He was observed by all the sensitives, but unfortunately, we did not get a photo of him.

The basement was active with a small child spirit named “Daniel”. He told us his name through our mediums and we captured it on an EVP. He was very playful with the PP-SC investigators and even tried to hold the hand of one of the male investigators at one point. This touch left two small red marks on his left hand which felt and appeared to be burns. (These marks dissipated after a few hours.)

Photos of the evening were disappointing, but the EVPs were very good. All in all, the investigation was a good one, a fun one, and hopefully we will be returning soon to take more photos, video, and EVPs of the resident spirits.

We have a really huge investigation planned for the end of July at an undisclosed location that to my knowledge has never been investigated before. I’m “dying” to tell about it – but cannot at this point until all the arraignments are complete.

If anyone would like an investigation of suspected paranormal activity in their home or business, email us. We do not charge for our services.

A special shout-out to Jeff T. at I.U. who is willing to learn why we think  “Ghosts are people too” and to Hunter R. in Martinsville, Indiana, a future ghost “hunter” for PP-SC.

And, to one of our favorite fans, Jean H.- Haven’t you retired yet? Thanks for the many comments!

Look out ghosts – here we come!





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