Here you can find an up-to-date list of the equipment we currently use in the field. If you have any questions / comments, or would like to know more about our collection of gadgets, please feel free to comment below.

|| Equipment Used in Our Investigations ||

Digital Voice Recorders – used for the collection of electronic voice phenomena or EVP’s of the spirits. The recordings are ranked as “A” through “C”, with “A” being the most clear and with no need of enhancement, to a “C”, which can be so garbled and weak that no recognizable words can be comprehended.

Digital Still Cameras – for picture taking, before, during and after an investigation for comparison of environmental conditions and to help in assisting sit-up as to where would be the best location for motion detectors and action cameras.

Night Vision Camcorders – These are placed in “hot zones” during the investigation to capture any shadows, orbs, or moving objects, and to keep track of the movements of the investigators. They are the best instruments to capture the evidence for what we call “Shadow People”.

EMF/Gauss Meter – This digital meter is used for determining the electro-magnetic fields in the surrounding areas close to the investigators. EMF is best described as the amount of “static electricity” present. It has been determined to be either indicative of spirit presence, or possibly as an attraction to the spirit. Investigators will “sweep” an area prior to the investigation to determine areas where naturally occurring high EMF are present. The theory is that spirits gain strength from the high EMF’s but the downside is that warm-blooded beings have been known to hallucinate if they are continually exposed to high doses of EMF (such as near high power lines.)

K2-Meter – Similar to the Gauss meter for detecting high EMF’s, the K2 has a brightly lit light bar for easy detection in dark conditions and is frequently carried by investigators throughout the hunt. The flashing lights are easily captured by the camcorders and can help backup claims of paranormal activity experienced by the investigators.

Ghost Box – PSB7 Also called a “spirit box”, the device sweeps through hundreds of radio frequencies, either AM or FM, allowing the spirits to speak by picking up radio transmitted words within the sweep. This instrument is still in the testing phase with our group, but there has been some success during our investigations.

Laser Grid Lights – This is nothing more than a standard laser, green in color, which has a spatter pattern. When the laser is cast against a wall, any spirit and shadow movement can be seen and captured by the investigators and their camcorders.

Laser Thermometer – A common device used to detect changes in temperature within a room, without entering the area and to back up claims of those famous “cold spots” investigators are constantly finding in paranormal situations. The theory is that spirits use the heat in the surrounding air and from the investigators bodies to manifest their activity, much like they use electro-magnetic energy.

Flashlights – The brighter, the better!  Most investigations occur at night, but even if during the day, there are still some dark areas such as closets, basements and attics which could require some additional illumination.

Paper and Pen, and Pre-Determined Questionnaire – It is necessary to keep notes along with the recorded information about the investigation and assign every investigation an identification number.

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