Jul 24

Even the Ghosts are “Hot” This Summer!!

Whew!  What a hot summer it is!    

But, the heat has not slowed down the gang here at Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers. Bob and I have been on the road touring through Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio looking for places that may have ghostly potential for future trips.

Closer to home here in Indiana we have been investigating private residences. The extreme heat and excess static electricity from the dry conditions seems to give the spirits extra energy to interact with their living homeowners.

In a neighborhood well north of the Martinsville, Indiana, city square, we were asked to assist a young family with their spirit questions and concerns and perform an investigation.    The investigation was a short one, only about three hours one hot evening, but that was all we needed to find paranormal activity in their century old house.

EVP data recorded during our stay revealed what we determined to be a small child and an older presence of unknown gender. (You can hear these on the media page.) The audio of the child giggling was heard at the time it was produced; this is also called a “Voice Phenomena”, or VP.  

While no still photos captured any evidence, there were a few seconds of video taken in the main floor bathroom that were suspicious in nature because of an old cat’s response to a well defined “orb” of some type appearing to come out of the bathroom closet, toward the cat and then returning to the same location in the closet it originally came from. The cat’s reaction was a soft meow when the “orb” was at its closest proximity to the animal.  If the “orb” was paranormal activity, it would just be a guess to call it such on our part, but I think I must call it a dust particle since there was no additional data obtained to back it up as paranormal.       

    Just remember – Animals do see in slightly different light spectrums than humans. Cats see things!      

All I can say is that maybe we should schedule another hunt at this residence!! I will post the EVPs under Sarah’s House in the Media section.Ghostly Happenings



We have also have a project still in progress at the home of a couple and their son who are all new members of Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers. They are located on the west side of  Bloomington, Indiana.  So far we have audio and EVP evidence, but since it’s a project demanding more investigation there should be much more about it in later posts.

 A major hunt is planned within the next two weeks that I do not have the liberty to discuss at this time – so come back later for more information.

Remember, If you would like an investigation or just have questions you would like answered, we do not charge any for our paranormal activities.

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