May 29

Ghosties and Bigfoot Adventures for the Paragon Paranormal Team


On the hunt in Putman County, Indiana; small house, at least 3 entities!

On the hunt in Putman County, Indiana; small house, at least 3 entities!



We performed an investigation at a private residence in a small town in Putnam County a couple of weeks age that had some interesting results. There are three entities present in the newly remodeled home, a small girl, a middle-aged “farmer” type who just wonders from room to room, and a very grumpy, and very mean, old man residing on the second floor.

The little  spook girl (she didn’t tell us her name) plays with the 2 year-old grandson of the lady who owns the house and will make the dog bark at her presence. She is quite playful and has been known to move items around in the kitchen, (even in front of the house skeptic) and play with the toys in the living room. She runs from one end of the long kitchen and around the table with the 2 year-old and even has the dog chase her occasionally. The “farmer” spirit just moves among three different rooms and is apparently  a residual haunt because he is not seen and is heard; the loud coughing in the downstairs could possibly be him.  The old man on the second floor interacts with anyone who dares to enter his realm. He does not leave the second floor of the house and tends to stay in a closet area. The youngest teenage daughter of the homeowner has been forced to move her room downstairs because of his grumpiness and dark demeanor, which we picked up on immediately when Bob entered the stairs performing that part of the investigation.

All in all, it was a short hunt, but we had very satisfying results for the homeowner and her family. Later , in checking out some history of the 1920’s built dwelling, we learned there had been a fire in the house and someone lost their life. Could this be the final coughing sounds from the victim who died in a burning and smoke filled room that is heard frequently by the present inhabitants? Maybe a future and more intense investigation of the home can tell us.

On the Bigfoot front, when the Kentucky Bigfoot Researchers were in Morgan-Monroe Forestry a couple of weeks ago, they found a print of the Wildman in Stepp Cemetery. We were also recently informed a Sasquatch footprint cast was also taken on Baseline Road near the Porter’s Cave area. Keep sending us reports or, to help to keep everyone informed, the new local contact for Indiana Bigfoot Research is Leroy Nail of Martinsville, Indiana. Call Leroy, or us, if you have a sighting to report. We need the information for our database.

A special shout-out to Jaime and Megan in Mooresville, Indiana and Dell in Wilber.

And neighbor Traci – Just let me know when we can check out your house!

Congratulations to fellow ghost hunter Jay Rademachir at the haunted Harmony School in Bloomington, Indiana for being their Valedictorian for 2014.     Atta-boy Jay!!.

Call us if you need us – there are no charges for what we do.


Stepp Cemetery in Morgan Monre Forestry

Reviewing Old Photographs Reveals Ghostly Presence in Stepp Cemetery


The morning sun brightens up stately old house.

The morning sun brightens up stately old house.



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