Jun 15

Ghostly Days and Sasquatch Nights!


Willy, Huckleberry Bob (of PP-SC) Wild Bill and Jeff of Mountain Monsters. Buck and Trapper were unable to attend the Creature Weekend activities


Bill Brock and Nick Redfern

Bill Brock and Nick Redfern

May was a busy month and June is shaping up that way for the Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers and their Sasquatch Research Field Team. We’re a small group and we’ve been pushed in two directions for the last several weeks – and we love it! In the last week of April we were at Creature Weekend sponsored by Sasquatch Watch Radio of Virginia at Salt Fork Park in Ohio. What a blast it was; we recommend all bigfoot enthusiasts attend the next one in 2016. Hats off to Bruce/Creature Seeker and Willie for a super fun event. We made friends with Team Rogue of Monsters Underground and the West Virginia crew from Mountain Monsters.

Bob is now a good friend to “Wild Bill” of Mountain Monsters (who is as wild in daily life as he is on the show) Bob’s conversations with the Team Rogue gang had them wanting to come to Indiana to seek out the state’s notorious Venomous Ducks, until we told them that is what we tell people when they ask about the briar scratches on Bob’s arms he always manages to get when he mows the yard.

There were many crypto-zoologists and paranormal authors attending also including one of my favorites, Nick Redfern. As usual, Nick was full of information of paranormal subjects as well as the crypto-animal kind. He is also one of the nicest people in the supernatural community.

We haven’t neglected our ghost hunting. We had one of our shortest investigations at a private residence close to our home. The owners had been remodeling their 130 year old home and became aware of some paranormal activity which came along with it. Almost immediately upon our arrival we detected a small ghost child, 4-5 years in age, female, hanging around the living room in the old house. In the rear part of the structure, a man wearing blue shirt and pants was pacing the area. We consider both to be residual specters, since they would not respond to our questions. Photos showed small orbs in the location the small child ghost was hanging out.

While we did not spend much time there, the owners agreed that the two apparitions we detected were the same as the ones they had been seeing; they were the two spirits whose ghostly appearances had prompted the property owners to call Paragon Paranormal-Shadow Chasers to investigate.

PP-SC investigator goes up the ladder to investigate old rafters.

PP-SC investigator goes up the ladder to investigate old rafters.

We do intend to return to the residence, but will make it after the renovation is complete.

Our Sasquatch Research Field Team has been combing the area looking for the hairy beast, but mostly, the local police have been contacting us about recent sightings in the north central portion of Morgan County and one in western Owen County.

All data received is being catalogued and mapped. If you have a sighting or suspect Sasquatch activity near you, please contact us. All reports will be kept confidential if requested; We do not divulge names.

Shout out to our friend Alissa in Ohio. She just started her own crypto group, O.H.I.O. (Ohio Humanoid Investigations Organization), and will be on-line before too long. (Alissa is a sweetie. We met her at the Creature Weekend and hung out with her through many of the events. Also, her family, especially her Mother, is one of the best mothers in the world since she is the one who purchased Alissa’s ticket to the event.)

Everyone stay in touch! More good news next month!



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