Apr 17

Ghosts and Sasquatch For PP-SC

What is the white spot in the background near a grave marker?
What is the white spot in the background near a grave marker?

Yes! It has been a while since my last post, but the time has gone by very quickly this cold winter. (Short days – remember?)

We have been on several investigations including some dealing with the Sasquatch kind. Others have been in private homes and a return to Spencer and the old hospital on North Main Street.

The time spent at the Spencer hospital location was only a few hours but was one of the most exciting investigations we have had in a long time, like since the last time we were there! This time the ladies, young and old, were making contact by touching us, talking, turning lights on, and appearing as anomalies in photos. There was even an answer to a question by an unknown male energy. The investigation was exciting and was a great way to break in a new investigator, Wendy of Martinsville, Indiana.

(Let’s just say the Wendy is now hooked on ghost hunting!)

Most of our time was spent on Sasquatch, or as he is informally called, Bigfoot. The Kentucky Bigfoot Research Group was in town and presented a presentation at the library in March. Along with a couple who recently moved to Martinsville from Putnam County especially to perform Sasquatch studies, Steve and Violet Abney, they had a very interesting presentation. It included presumably actual cast footprints, photos and recorded sounds of the illusive beast taken on their night hunts in Kentucky and Indiana.

Note:   During the presentation a man and his son came forward with a story and a cast footprint taken from an adventure they had in Morgan-Monroe Forestry with a Bigfoot. If anyone knows this gentleman’s name please call us since Tom Shay of the Kentucky Researchers either failed to obtain it or lost it. We need his information for our data base.

I would like everyone to say a short prayer for a beautiful young woman and her 5-year-old son who lost their lives in the local  flood a couple of weeks ago. Jonna and Brandon Peyton of Paragon, Indiana was a person who was always smiling and saying sweet things and cared deeply for her son who was her constant companion. She was a hard worker who had 2 jobs with very little time for fun. God Bless you Jonna and Brandon!

If  anyone has a place they would like investigated or any type of paranormal incidents to report, please contact us. There is no charge for what we do.

Happy Hunting!



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