Apr 16

Harmony Hosts Spirit Realm

     When we were asked in January to come to Bloomington, Indiana to Harmony School to talk about the paranormal and our investigations, I was very happy to oblige. When we were asked to perform an investigation for and with a twelve-year-old student as part of her yearly speech project, we became excited for the privilege to hunt at the large and historical structure located just south of the Indiana University campus.

     Harmony School is a private institution with enrollment of approximately 200 students from early child development to twelfth grade. Located in the historic Vinegar Hill Limestone District of  Bloomington, it was originally known as the Elm Heights School. Closed by the public school system, it was reopened  as a private school in 1974.

     On April 14th, seven Paragon Paranormal investigators  invaded the halls of learning. Joined by four representatives of the school (two mothers and two students) in the official four-hour hunt (a short one because of the nature of the location and the fact that we had younger students with us) we did find evidence of some paranormal activity.

     We’re all still going through our data taken on the recorders that evening, but we do have little children’s giggles, the sounds of children shouting and whispers of what sounds like older kids. I’m sure we will find more as we listen and look at our recordings and members confirm each others results.

     Keep looking back to this website for more information!

     A quick thank-you to Taylor and Sandi, Jay and Trisha for helping us!


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