May 06

Harmony School Surprises PP-SC Investigators

Harmony Rino protected by Spirit Orb

Investigators set up "trigger object" in center of gym to attrect spirits.

I think all of our team members were surprised at the amount of paranormal activity in the school, although we probably should not have been considering the amount of human energy absorbed by the school’s environment over the many years the building has been used.

We saw shadows darting between the rooms, orbs appear in photos, then disappeared when the next photo was taken, and moving orbs in a couple of photos.  Most of the orbs appeared in the classrooms and in the gym and around the stage. Some people discount orbs as just being dust, but some of these appeared when we called out to the spirits and disappeared after the pictures were taken. We also obtained some weak EVPs at the same time and/or personally heard voices during the time the orbs were present. The audible yells such as during a ballgame, and the sounds of children playing, and faint whispers in response to our questions are on some recordings, but not of the Class “A” EVP types,

When the shirt was tugged and later a leg brushed, this occurred to the two young men we had with us.  During both instances an orb was pictured with them and in one incident, a voice was heard – a giggle.

I wonder how long the residual spirits have been playing the ballgame in the gym – and who is winning!? More than a couple of us heard the cheers and we obtained an EVP to back us up.

 All this occurred during our four-hour hunt.  Harmony was not disappointing to our team.

Harmony is a wonderful school for all who attend – even for the playful little spirits who apparently attend 24 hours a day. There is nothing to be frightened of in the building, and now Harmony students and teachers can use the excuse for lost papers or misplaced items on the little spirits who reside there.

Thank-you Harmony, Taylor, Sandi, Jay and Trisha for an enjoyable evening.


Carol and PP – SC Team 


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