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Even the ghosts are liking the cooking at the Hungry Hoosier in Trafalgar, Indiana.

Even the ghosts are liking the cooking at the Hungry Hoosier in Trafalgar, Indiana


What a crazy looking sign! We loved it when we first saw it.

Trafalgar’s old 1950’s frosty-treat drive-up had been replaced by a restaurant several years in the past, with good food and friendly faces. But the new owners, the Kersey’s, updated a few things inside, kept the menu much the same and renamed it with the fun-loving sign.

Bob and I knew almost from the minute we walked into the Hungry Hoosier in Trafalgar, Indiana, that there was a spirit or two roaming around the restaurant. Other guests didn’t seem to notice, but the individuals who work there had become very aware of the spirit world invading their space. The employees had heard their names called out several times and been lightly touched; shadows were seen that were unexplainable and material objects were moved around or “misplaced” on occasion. Although not all the employees had experienced these events, but they were aware of the talk.

One apparition in particular, an elderly man, kept coming down the stairs, watching the cook and taking a peek into the dining room. He seemed to be there at every trip we made to enjoy Kim’s country style food and atmosphere. The other was a female spirit, 65-70 years old (in spirit form) who seemed to like to follow the servers from the kitchen, going front to back, back to front. She wasn’t always there and seemed to be shy around customers because she would disappear after a short while.

We decided we would give the spirits the notice at least one of the spirits wanted. Kim, the owner of the Hungry Hoosier, asked us to investigate and try to determine how many were present and possibly who they were. This is the type of investigation we love the most.

So, one evening when we had one of our investigators with us, and went to eat at the Hungry Hoosier, we all, including the restaurant employees, decided to stay and check out the ghosts. It turned into a fun evening for all of us.

Every machine that could be shut down was turned off to reduce the noise level and K-2s were used to located areas of high electro-magnetic fields. Surprisingly, there was little to worry about in the kitchen and dining room areas. All blinds were closed to prevent light pollution from the roads and nearby businesses.

We started seeing a shadow moving around so taking the lead, Bob climbed up the stairs to the second floor when a man’s voice softly told him to “leave”. This was the only time a voice was heard during the investigation. Our recorders did not pick up any other noises which I would contribute to the spirits, so unfortunately we did not obtain any names of the departed.

There were a few small orbs photographed in the upstairs meeting room/ supply room, and the old man spirit was seen and observed by us as he moved around us.

Downstairs, the female spirit was hiding in the ladies restroom and would occasionally stick her head out to look toward us. The ladies restroom door opened and loudly closed once, much to the delight of the employees who had stayed to join in the investigation with us. (She was shy!)

We did get one photo that was suspect and almost overlooked because it was taken right before we left for the evening. (Fortunately, I review everything at least two times!)

Is this a spirit shadow on the run in the kitchen of the Hungry Hoosier?

Is this a spirit shadow on the run in the kitchen of the Hungry Hoosier?


This cellphone photo of the suspect shadow in the kitchen was taken as a shadow was observed by Bob moving through the area. We think we captured it on the run and trying to exit out the air duct in the ceiling. Notice the stack of white plates is almost blocked out on the right side by a gray “fuzziness”. The flash is almost absorbed by the object, making the whole area appear very dark.

This is what the kitchen looks like when a normal digital flash camera is used.

The Hungry Hoosier kitchen has lots of shiny surfaces to reflect lights.

The Hungry Hoosier kitchen has lots of shiny surfaces to reflect lights.



Although the evening was a little disappointing since we captured no voices on the audio recorders (EVPs), all three of us were satisfied with the results; and our guest investigators had fun too, I think.

We will definitely return to the Hungry Hoosier!

Everyone – Call us if you have any haunting locations!

See you at the Morgan County Fair!




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