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Iconic Mothman statue in downtown Point Pleasant, West Virginia

                                                   Mothman statue in downtown Point Pleasant, West Virginia


September was quite a month for Paragon Paranormal Shadow Chasers.

We have been busy going over the various data gathered at the Morgan County Fair in August, revisiting old  haunted locations and continuing with research at our Sasquatch investigations. We also travelled out-of-state for various events; some events paranormal, others not so unusual.

Point Pleasant, West Virginia, has always been a favorite “haunt” for us, meaning Bob and me. Our initial visit there was because of the Mothman legend, and the beast’s appearances during the time of the town’s greatest tragedy, the December 1967 collapse of the Ohio River’s Silver Bridge. John Keel published many different books on the subject, the most informative being The Mothman Prophecies. It was this book that the movie by the same name, starring Richard Geer, was loosely based on.

The town now celebrates the visits of the Mothman, who many in the area think was a harbinger of the tragedy of the bridge collapse. The Mothman Festival is the third weekend in September and is growing every year as more and more paranormal and cryptid enthusiasts are drawn to the cryptid mecca.

While there we got a chance to have dinner at the Harris Steakhouse. The proprietor is one of the sweetest ladies we have ever met, Carolyn Harris. She took the time to set down with us and talk about the tragedy of the Silver Bridge and Mothman sightings in the area. If you go to Point Pleasant be sure to stop by her restaurant, say hello, and enjoy a Mothman Burger!

Carolyn Harris of the Harris Steakhouse in downtown Point Pleasant

                                              Carolyn Harris of the Harris Steakhouse in downtown Point Pleasant

For ghost lovers there is the Historic Lowe Hotel in downtown Point Pleasant. Our 5 visits to the hotel have produced a plethora of spirit activity, in photos with the most disturbing being the photo of the two ghosties in the front lobby watching Bob as he was reading a book. The resident spirits low voices and whispers also tend to call out our names on the 3rd and 4th floors. The place is spooky!

The Historic Lowes Hotel in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

                                                      The Historic Lowes Hotel in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

In Weston, West Virginia, is the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. This was our third trip to the asylum and finally it was open for tours, but unfortunately we were pressed for time and were unable to take the tour but did get a few quality photos. Maybe next time we will see if we can contact “Baby Lilly”, one of the resident haunts.

Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum in Weston, Virginia

                                                  Front Entrance to the Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum in Weston, Virginia


Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum

Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum in Weston, W.V.



Finally, Sasquatch!

Morgan and adjacent counties in Indiana have seen an increase in suspected Squatch activity in the last five years. This is my conclusion after the time spent at our booth at the Morgan County Fair. We had some interesting incidents reported to us but the most compelling was from a young woman named “Susan” who lived in Brooklyn, Indiana, a small town in the northern region of the county.

As told to us her story follows:

In August of 2011, Susan lived on the south side of Brooklyn near a street called Cabin Row. Her house was next to the railroad track which transverse the town from south to north on elevated ballast. Her car was always parked in her driveway which was lit up with a security light on the edge of a nearby outbuilding, and by a street light.

Just after sunset, between 9:45-10:00p.m. she left her house to retrieve something from the front seat of her car. When she opened the door of the car the interior light came on and provided even more light in the area. Suddenly she became aware of movement from the passenger side of the auto, and looking over the roof of her car she came face to face with a mighty beast, or monster as she called it. (Susan had goose bumps on her body as she told the story and her voice quivered.)

It stared at her and she at it, so she got a good look; Susan was unable to move because of her fright. The monster rose well above the car, to a height she estimated to be 8.5-9′. Her statement was that “it kept getting bigger and bigger”. The black or dark brown beast had big, dark eyes, but they did not glow. It’s massive shoulders, chest and body were covered with long hair, but the face only had hair where normal men have hair around the mouth, chin and jaw lines. The face resembled a cross between a man and an ape and it had no neck.

The beast looked at her, then grunted and turned away. In just a few gliding steps it was up and over the railroad track and disappeared into the weeds to the south of her home. She immediately ran to her home and locked her doors.

She never saw the beast again. When she told others about the chance incident in her driveway, most just laughed a her so she stopped telling about the meeting.

We were honored to be the first outside her family and friends to learn of Susan’s terrifying experience. And, it was frightening for us to hear about it because Susan also had tears in her eyes as she relayed the incident.

This was just one of the many paranormal stories that were told to us. Stay tuned for more in the coming months!

A  special shout out to Carolyn Harris in Point Pleasant, Logan in Martinsville, Indiana, and to Wild Bill and the rest of the Mountain Monsters crew (even Scott Pearl!) in West Virginia.

Till next month!


Carol Farrell




  1. terry carr

    we just went to the mothman festival for the first time , it was great, plus very cool getting to meet the cast from mountain monsters

    1. carol

      We love the Mothman Festival! Glad you enjoyed Point Pleasant too which is great to visit year around.
      And the cast of Mountain Monsters are the sweetest guys!

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