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Larry Battson, known as the Animal Guy, relates Sasquatch experiences at Paragon Community Building gathering.

Larry Battson, known as the Animal Guy, relates Sasquatch experiences at PP-SC’s first Paranormal Paragon Community Fall Event..


Bigfoot is here in Indiana!

October 14, 2013 was an extremely interesting and informative evening! Originally planned for only two hours, the PP-SC Sasquatch presentation with it’s question and answer portion lasted for almost three before participants started leaving.

Larry Battson, known to school children all over the Midwest as “Larry the Animal Guy” for his many exotic animals he shares with them at their schools, is also considered in Sasquatch/Bigfoot circles as Indiana’s expert on the famous and elusive “Wildman of the Woods”. From his presentation, we have a greater respect for the beast and it appears that Morgan, Monroe, Putnam and Brown counties are areas where recorded sightings have taken place over the past 70 years. Morgan-Monroe Forestry and Yellow Wood  Forestry, as well as Raccoon State Park seem to be prime locations for sightings.

Larry also presented other reports from out of our area. An especially interesting one involved a former park ranger, Bob Johnson employed in Yellowstone National Park, who experienced a family of Sasquatch over a 25 year career in the park. During the man’s service in the hinterlands of the park, Bob was lucky enough to observe their hunting habits and their families. As a result, everyone at the forum learned from the experiences related that we shouldn’t “mess with Sasquatch”. We also learned that the great beast is mostly docile and just wants to be left alone.

This was a great event for Paragon Paranormal Shadow Chasers and was our way of letting everyone know that we’re not just about hauntings, but we’re interested in the unusual and odd of our existence also.

The forum gave us four Bigfoot incident reports, all previously unknown. These are all now mapped and noted in our files. IF YOU HAVE AN INCIDENT,  or STORY, YOU WOULD LIKE TO REPORT (ALL NAMES WILL BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL), PLEASE CONTACT US. This includes anything whether it be Bigfoot, Man-Wolf or Dogman creatures, and even UFOs.

There was a wide range of ages among the attendees and several brought all their family members for a fun and informative evening.

PP-SC’s Bigfoot presentation by The Animal Guy – Larry Battson, had participants wide-eyed and on the edge of their seats for almost three hours.


Hopefully, our next forum will probably be in the dark and dank days of January or February 2014. Bob and I will decide if it will be another Bigfoot presentation and maybe use it to launch an official Bigfoot group for Morgan-Monroe counties or if it will be a presentation on UFOs and maybe have someone from MUFON as a guest speaker. LET US KNOW what you would like to hear.

Maybe we can talk Bob into telling everyone about his Morgan County Sasquatch experiences in the summer of 1990.

In the meantime, we’re still ghost hunting and just finished up at a home in Martinsville. with many of our investigations, we were requested the address and homeowner’s names be kept confidential, but I can tell you that harmless residual energy exists in the bedrooms/ hallway areas.

I would like to thank all the businesses who displayed our posters for our event but especially the DoodleBug Restaurant in Paragon, Indiana and Ed Blakely for the wonderful Bigfoot cutouts displayed on the sandbar of the White River on SR 39 in Martinsville.

A special shout-out to Hunter. Hope you liked the shirt!

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