Mar 27

Latest Pre-Investigation Shows Promise

We had been anticipating the investigation at the Quillen Plumbing warehouse in Martinsville, Indiana, for several weeks and finally on a warm Friday evening, March 16th, we were able to do a preliminary three-hour search to see if the location has any paranormal activity that could be captured on our equipment and make it worthwhile to perform a longer and more intense scrutiny.

First, I would like to thank the Quillen’s and Gary, for giving us the opportunity to enter their property and hopefully we can ultimately give them an answer to their questions about what is causing the apparent paranormal activity in the building.

The evening started off slow as we positioned our team members throughout  the building, but at the end of the allotted time, almost everyone on the team had been “touched” or “poked” by unseen hands. New, in-training  investigators Travis and Natasha, both experienced touching within minutes after we turned them loose on their own in the main hallway where most of the reported activity was reported by the Quillen’s and their workers.


Quillen Plumbing in Martinsville, Indiana

Front of Investigation Site

There were a couple of episodes of scraping noises of an undetermined origin occurring at the same time touches were felt by two investigators in a section of the building previously used as an apartment.  A weak EVP, (one I would consider a class “B” which requires headphones)   of a female voice saying “no-no” in response to questions asked by investigators Bob and Cindy, was also obtained at this time.

Footsteps were heard from the upper level apartment, but the resident who lives there was not at home at the time we were doing our investigation.

We do intend to return to Quillen Plumbing warehouse to do a more intense, all night,  investigation sometime in the near future.


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