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Martinsville’s Hillview Motel Resident Spirits Seeking New Homes

All the living has moved out; only the ghostly souls remain at the location.

All the living has moved out; only the ghostly souls remain at the location.

Everyone who has traveled south on SR 37 in Morgan County, Indiana, passed by the Hillview Motel. This 1940’s style motor inn has reached the end of its life and is soon to be demolished because of the proposed I 69 expansion. Residents of the property, living residents, have already moved on to other places, but the ghostly inhabitants are still there and probably will stay at the location until they realize the building is no longer available. Where will they go?

The owner, Tim Hunter, allowed Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers to investigate the old inn just hours before he was required to turn the keys over to the State of Indiana. It turned out to be an investigation where we could check our psychic skills and determine which of the twelve rooms previously had notable situations, namely deaths or high energy events, over the last 30 years. (Mr. Hunter has owned the motel for the last 30 years. Any deeds which occurred before then is a mystery for all of us.) Mr. Hunter kept all the information to himself. As local residents, our investigators knew that a four year-old girl, Hope James, had been murdered in one of the rooms in 1995, and another body had been carried out in the last few years. We also know the local motel was known as a “heartbreak inn” for recently divorced and sad individuals as well as a place where locals could take the love of their life for an evening of delight.


All I can say is that Mr. Hunter was pleased with our findings. We even surprised ourselves with the results.

The results:

Room 6: Little Hope died in room 6. To me, the room was dark and smelled “nasty”, like death. Another of our investigators saw a small dark shadow “rise up” as he entered the room and he was also touch lightly on the head. Photos were dark also, even with a flash.

Mr. Hunter confirmed this was the correct room for the murder of the small child.

Room 3: Stinky, also like death, but most would describe it as a cat smell. It was dark and the rear part of the room seemed to stay that way; it absorbed light, even with a flash. My K-2 meter was drained of power right away, but the others pegged the red several times while we were in there. One male investigator was grabbed on the back of his buttock which caused him to immediately exit the room. Apparently the spirit that was so active in room 3 left with him, because the K-2s went to zero when he left.

Mr. Hunter confirmed an elderly man who lived at the motel died in room 3.

Room 2: We could not focus cameras in this room, but did catch orbs in the viewfinders. Otherwise, the room seemed normal.

Mr. Hunter stated a man died in this room, but was later revived.

Room 8: Also stinky, like the smell of cats, but I associate the odor with death also. The K-2s flickered constantly. Cameras had difficulty focusing, but several flickering orbs were captured. An unusual light anomaly was observed in one of the other investigators photos.

Mr. Hunter was not aware of any disturbances in the room during his last 30 years at the location.


PP-SC investigator checks out one of the many rooms at the Hillview Motel in Martinsville, Indiana.

PP-SC investigator checks out one of the many rooms at the Hillview Motel in Martinsville, Indiana.

All the rooms had something which affected the K-2s, and we were unable to obtain any hard evidence with our digital recorders. The high traffic on SR 37 is extremely noisy and we were unable to obtain any clean EVPs.

I can say that Tim Hunter was almost speechless with our results and anyone who knows him will tell you its hard to make Tim speechless.


A special shout out to Half-Pint, Bobbie, Sondra and the other fine food service people at the Village Inn in Ellettsville, Indiana. (Good food, good friends and good times!)

To Hunter : Thank-you for the wonderful poem. I hope you don’t mind me sharing it.

To Braden and Ethan: Glad you liked the shirts!

Remember to call us if you have a problem with spirits and would like to know what’s going on; no charge for what we do.

And, if you have a problem of the Bigfoot kind and would like to report your experience to someone who will not ridicule you, call us for that too. Our data bank of sightings and experiences is growing with help from our followers.

Till next time,


Game camera catches Orb in action.

Game camera catches Orb in action.




  1. Dave Keller

    My wife and I live between Paragon and Gosport, and several times my wife and I have seen spirits or ghost in our home. It is a 100 year old farm house and we have no info about it’s past history. Contact me if you would like to check it out.

    1. carol

      Hi Dave!
      As you can tell, I do not check this mail too often, but I’m sure I was on it just a couple of weeks ago and your message was not there. But, maybe it’s the spirits trying to keep us apart!
      We would love to check out your home for you. (And you are right, there are spirits there.)
      Our phone number is 765-349-1934. Call when you can.

      1. Dave Keller

        I contacted you earlier and since then I have started re-modeling the old section of the house.
        We found newspaper covering the wall that date back to nov.5, 1891 and an article about Roosevelt.
        We have found doors in the walls that go nowhere and this morning we took pictures of the doors and found multiple orbs in the room. We were not sure what we were seeing so we took other pictures. The next picture showed more orbs in different places. I will call you as soon as I get a chance.

        Dave K.

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