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Looking carefully, one can see the spirit image of the side of a man moving through the living room at Darla’s farmhouse

If you’re searching for photos, audio clips, and/or video of our past findings, you’ve come to the right place. More coming in the very near future; stay tuned!


  • Birdcage Saloon (2010) – Tombstone, Arizona
  • Cindy’s House Investigation
  • Thomas House Inn
  • Stepp Cemetery Ectoplasm – Reviewing Old Photographs Reveals Ghostly Presence in Stepp Cemetery; the summer of 2011, before she joined our group, Antoinette and her husband stopped by Stepp Cemetery in the Morgan Monroe Forestry late one evening and took some photos of the gravestones. Just last week she showed this photo to me and asked me what caused the ghost-like appearance in this photo. There was no campfire and no smoking by either of them, but it doesn’t look like smoke anyway. We think its ectoplasm – a form of spirit manifestation. Could it be the Black Lady of Stepp Cemetery? It was taken with a 35mm camera.
  • Whispers Estate


  • Thomas House *Credit for this video to the now defunct ghost-hunting group, S.P.I.R.I.T.S. of Murfreesburo, TN.

EVP Readings

  • Thomas House Inn Investigation – “Nighty-Night” EVP of Sarah in Room 37, at the Thomas House Inn, in 2008. We tell Sarah that we are quitting for the night and are disappointed that we had not heard from her on any of our EVPs or any of her giggles so often heard throughout the inn. She responds with a “Nighty-night” in her soft child’s voice.
  • Whispers Investigation 8.18.11 – 3 Spirits on 1 EVP at Whispers Estate 8/2011. All investigators were present in Dr. John’s waiting area and were entering his examination room as a group. When it’s mentioned that we are entering the Dr.’s boudoir, a little girl’s voice says “What’s that mean?”, the Ghost Box answers with “French” and the little girl responds with “OK” and a second voice, a little boy, repeats “OK”  3 spirits on one EVP!
  • Whispers Estate -Dr. John’s Room 2/2/2012 – Captured in Dr. John’s examination room, now a bedroom by investigators Carol and Mary. The first (a female) was an actual whisper both heard, but the response (an older male) was an EVP, or not heard until the enhancement and playback of the recording. It should also be noted that the door to the room came unlatched and opened right after this was heard. “”Would you…yeh I Would”
  • “All right. Do it”  – EVP at Thomas House 12/2011 – We were ghost hunting with owner Darrell Cole of the Thomas House (also a member of the Tennessee Ghost Hunters) and placed a recorder among the items in the Christmas Room. This EVP seems to be in response to our comments about the recorder.
  • “Ah.Ah…” Thomas House 12/2011 – Three adult investigators checking out new equipment in an early morning investigation picked up this EVP of one of the little boy spirits at the Thomas House. We think he is mocking us!
  • Meow” at Thomas House 10.2011 – We finally got the ghost cat meows recorded on an EVP taken in the dining room. A year ago we photographed a purple orb with a cat’s face sitting on the edge of a chair in the second floor hallway . The normally gray cat has been seen by several guests who think its a real hot-blooded feline.There is a ghost dog also- but we’ve yet to record it on a photo or EVP.
  • Sarah’s House –
  • Martinsville City Hall –
  • Darla’s Farmhouse – Check out above image taken after many days of investigation.
  • Daniel.gunshopmusic at the Spencer Gun Store; Child spirit says his name
  • Its a nice house.gunstore at the Spencer Gun Store; comment make by young male spirit joining in on a conversation about the beautiful residence
  • Bob.gunshop at the Spencer Gun Store a male spirit called out the name “Bob”. The owner’s name and one of our investigator’s too.
  • Servant's stairs at the old hospital in Spencer, Indiana - now a gun store

    Servant’s stairs at the old hospital in Spencer, Indiana – now a gun store



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