Oct 10

Morgan Monroe Forestry and Bigfoot

Family Campgrounds at Morgan-Monroe Forestry

      Family Campgrounds at Morgan-Monroe                                      Forestry

Late summer and fall is definitely the time of increased Sasquatch activity in our area in south central Indiana.  The area is lush with plenty to eat; orchards are ripe, gardens are finishing up, nuts are falling and deer are gathering in the fields to rummage through the remains of the corn and soybeans make for an easy protein meal for them. Yes, there are plenty of food sources in the area!

Reports have picked up and we’re getting calls of sightings too.

Northern Owen County sightings started in July, but have continued. Last week, October 1st, through October 7th, there was a repeat of sightings of 2 Sasquatch walking through the woods. This was located near Locust Lake Road and Bush Road. Investigators were unable to find any tracks but there were some broken trees which could be an indication of their presence. Hopefully, trail cams in the area will produce images.

Morgan Monroe Forestry is a favorite location for our investigations since this is where we have observed two different Sasquatch in the last 2 years.  In August, Bob and I observed a really large, 8’+ on the lane to the Stepp Cemetery. He left a nice trail through the woods. It should be noted that Stepp Cemetery has been the location of several sightings and cast footprints.

In early August, we received a phone call from David, the father of a family of 4, from the Indianapolis area who was starting to set up their camp in the overflow camping area. As they were unloading items from their truck and set-up their pull camper, their son excitedly asked his dad, “What’s that Dad?” Turning around quickly, David and his family observed a large bi-pedal creature that had paused in the middle of the road to the campground to look at them. He immediately proceeded in a couple more steps to cross the road and disappeared into the woods. The creature was only about 350′ from his family. David and his family immediately reloaded their camping gear and “Got the hell out of the area.” They had not even had time to register their camp at the forestry headquarters.  Lucky for us, we had talked to this family and given David one of our cards during one of our investigations, so he called us at Paragon Paranormal Shadow Chasers to let us know of their short, but very clear, witnessed sighting. He also let us know he will not be returning with his family to Morgan Monroe.

Just for the record, this was not the only time Sasquatch has been sighted in this section of the forest. I had my first sighting less than 2 miles from that area and numerous other researchers  have heard suspicious sounds in the Overflow Camping Area.


Stepp Cemetery, Morgan Monroe Forestry is a favorite paranormal investigation site is also proving to be a Bigfoot hot spot.

Stepp Cemetery, Morgan Monroe Forestry is a favorite paranormal investigation site is also proving to be a Bigfoot hot spot.

If you are into the paranormal investigations, we will be picking up more haunting investigations after I get the cast off my ankle in a few weeks so hang in there.

We will be at D.J. and Chy’s Cafe in Paragon on the local trick-or-treat night in Paragon, Morgan County, Indiana, somewhere around October 31st.  Sign-up in our raffle to win a newly released bigfoot movie called “Skookum,; The Search for Bigfoot”.

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  1. Jeff Obina

    I left a long comment on an earlier post about something I experienced yesterday out in the woods off Hatfield Ridge.

    1. carol

      Hello Jeff!
      Thank-you for contacting us and I’m so sorry I’m so late in getting back with you.
      It seems you are in the area near Prather aka Spirit Lake which has had multiple incidents (smells, rock throwing, blocked paths, etc.) which could be Sasquatch related. There have also been a few sightings of what the people who experienced the incidents called a Bigfoot or Sasquatch.
      Too bad you did not take photos of the “camping site” and broken trees. We have actually had our own sighting in the area but along Rosenbaum Road and a 17″ footprint was cast in the area but farther back in the woods.
      If you go into the area again, at least take some bear spray or a weapon. We don’t advise anyone to go by themselves. There seems to be safety in numbers.
      You can call and talk if you like 765-349-1934. We are always ready to talk. Carol and Bob

  2. Zach Leach

    I’ve had 3 experiences in the Backcountry of MMSF. I actually saw what I think was a grey Sasquatch walking away from me about 40 yards away one time when I was there with my dog,

    1. carol

      Hello Zach!
      We would love to hear more about your sighting. Please contact us at 765.349.1934!
      Carol Farrell

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