Feb 26

New EVP’s and Photos, Investigating Local Event

For those of you who have been anxiously waiting, we have added a few more EVPs and photos on the website. Enjoy them – they include an older photo from a local cemetery which is well-known in the paranormal circles, and among the local teens – Stepp Cemetery, in Morgan – Monroe Forestry. It’s a very good example of a spirit energy form that occasionally shows up in photos – in this case, a 35mm.

We’re also investigating an event that occurred locally, near our home close to Paragon, Indiana, on Friday, February 17th, around 9:15 p.m. I felt the shaking of the floor in my house, then heard a low-level blast. Being a geologist, I initially thought when the shaking started that there was going to be an earthquake, but the blast noise immediately afterwards that changed that thought.         I have since heard from a few other individuals who live nearby that they heard it too and one has said she saw a blue light at the same time.   The sheriff’s department received several calls about it also.   We need all the information we can get concerning this event. Let us know if you have any details.

If you have a location you think is paranormally active and need an investigation, contact us through the website or directly to me at carol@paragonparanormal.com,  and we’ll help in any way we possibly can!

Good Hunting!


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