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Old Paranormal Investigations – Before PPSC

Old Haunted House, Indiana

Old Haunted House, Indiana


When I first started this blog, I was full of stories of our past paranormal research. This included all the wonderful clients and their spirits. I’m still full of stories so this time I’m going to relate an incident that occurred in July of 1981, in a private home in Lawrence County. At the request of the homeowners I will not divulge the address, but lets say it was southwest of Harrodsburg. Bob wasn’t in my life yet either, so I was going it alone at that time.

The house was a small 2 bedroom structure built around 1900 as a two room cottage, then had an added-on modernization in the early 50s. The house had a history of always being empty; residents never seemed to stay more than a year and occasionally, two years,. Then, it would be vacant for a year or two. Even with the history of short time residency, the structure had always been cared for and was a really cute house.

The clients were a  married couple in their late 30s, both employed. There were no children and no pets in the house. It was the wife (Elaine) who called me just after 2 weeks of residency to see if I could help determine what was in their house; Jim, the husband “had no experiences to talk about” but he obviously did have something paranormal happen to him. There was no fear on their part, just curiosity.

It started on the day they moved in. The cabinet doors in the kitchen would not stay shut. The magnetic catches seemed to be okay, but the doors kept popping open every time they left the room. The kicker was that if Elaine was home by herself, it didn’t happen. Jim seemed to set it off as soon as he opened the front door. I tried to debunk the doors opening by trying to connect it to the old hardwood plank floors, but that failed. Then we tried the opening of the front door and the possible change in air pressure or wind currents within the house, but they didn’t work out either. With all three possible answers debunked, we had to accept a paranormal reason for the cabinet doors opening when Jim was home.

There was a faint “man shaped” shadow which would pass through the  bedrooms and bathroom around 4-5pm. It was not known for sure if it happened every day, but if one of the residents happened to be home at that time, they would see it. Lucky me, I did observe it on several occasions. This seemed like a residual energy and I felt no feelings of a negative nature from the shadow. It was harmless to the living and was just moving around in his own little existence.

Are you familiar with a spirit called a Domovoi? It is a house spirit of Russian/Slavic tradition who was a former owner or resident of the house or property. Upon death, the spirit of the individual (the Domovoi) decided to stay around and take care of his home. By take care, I mean he protects the structure and land and even the residents from anyone or anything which could harm them. In almost all cases, the Domovoi is a good and is a wonderful spirit to have around. It is also a free spirit that is able to move around or leave as it wants.

Because the paranormal activity was harmless, I was sure that it was a Domovoi pulling the prank with the kitchen cabinet doors. He liked the wife, Elaine but was unsure of Jim, the husband. The timing of the shadow and it’s so-far harmless nature told me it was probably a former resident. Since it was moving through the add-on section of the two bedrooms, it was probably someone, a man, who lived there after 1950. I explained the Domovoi to Elaine and Jim and told them to talk to him; there was resistance from Jim, but Elaine was all for it. Since my hidden talent told me to tell them to call him Bill, that is just what they did.

After living there one month Elaine was by herself, in the bedroom folding laundry. She was not sleeping or even laying down; she was wide awake in the only air-conditioned room on the hot August day. At a few minutes after 4:00pm. she heard the locked front doors open and the sound of boots on the hardwood floors in the living room. The boots walked across the room, into the adjacent bedroom and into the bathroom. The steps stopped on the bathroom’s tiled floor.

Thinking it was Jim, she yelled to him and let him know she was in the master bedroom (door closed). She also welcomed him home and told him she loved him and was glad he was home an hour earlier than expected.. Since there was no answer from Jim, Elaine got up to check on him. No one was in any of the other rooms in the small house. The locked entrance doors she heard open were still closed and secured.

The house spirit was back. Elaine called me to let me know of this new development of booted footsteps at the time of day they had previously observed the shadow.

This was the last time any paranormal events occurred at the house while Jim and Elaine lived there. The couple lasted longer than most at 8 years, but a change in jobs required them to relocate, not the spirit. I think that the fact that Elaine welcomed the Domovoi “home” and told him she loved him gave the Domovoi the respect he had been looking for, so he was at peace with them as the new residents of his home.

After one month the activity had all stopped, even the shadow. I guess the Domovoi (Bill) became accepting of Jim. But…Bill sure loved Elaine!

After I was complete with my investigation, we checked the history of the house with some locals that were friends of ours and found out an interesting fact; a former resident of the house had passed away there about 30 years previous to Jim and Elaine purchasing the property. His name was Bill.

Hope you liked this! I do have more. The next blog will catch you up on recent Sasquatch research.


A special shout-out to Hunter, Ethan and Braydon! Love you guys!

Also – To the employees at Lou’s Restaurant near Quincy and Cloverdale, Indiana. Great food and service!    Tenderloin Sandwiches, onion Rings and Cinnamon Rolls, all homemade!  Yum!

Till next time,


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