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Stepp Cemetery is home t to “The Black Lady”,

a local folklore with many versions of the tale

with no proof or bases in the history of the cemetery.


I’m finally back. It’s been about two months since my last post and I have no real excuses, so, I’m back.

We are great fans of a website called “Sasquatch Chronicles” created and presented by Wes Germer.  Wes is a person who has had his own scary encounter with the hairy forest beast and he’s located in the Washington State area. Anyone who experiences Sasquatch is encouraged to call in to his show to talk about  their encounters and recently a fellow from Indiana called the podcast . A few years ago, “Ryan” had a very frightening experience at Stepp Cemetery in Morgan-Monroe Forestry, near Martinsville, Indiana. He literally had a face to stomach encounter with one of the beasts. Luckily, he lived to tell the story.

What was so interesting to us was not only the location but the fact that his description was very close to the Sasquatch that Bob and I saw at Stepp last summer; very tall, over 8 feet and very black. And the location was right on too; at the hiking trail which crosses the path leading up to the cemetery.

I don’t want to bore you, but I had written about the Stepp Cemetery in my yet-to-be-published book.  Since there is information about the paranormal aspect in my chapter on Morgan and Monroe Counties, I’m going to let you read this in advance.  Here is my article from my book.


Stepp Cemetery is actually on the border of Morgan and Monroe Counties, but in Monroe. Located within the State owned Morgan-Monroe Forestry, it’s not hard to find and easy to access from Forestry Road. The land was originally owned by pioneer farmer Reuben Stepp and his family, several who are buried there.

It seems that the whole world already knows that Stepp Cemetery is a paranormal playground. It’s in all the books and websites of accepted haunted places. It’s been in documentaries and on local television stations every October. All new students at Indiana University make the trip to see “the Black Lady” and for all we know, the local university has made the trek to the location a requirement for graduation.

Personally, we at Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers do not find the Stepp Cemetery burial ground any more haunted than most other places where human bones have been laid to rest for several generations.  Our data collected at the cemetery site is not impressive. We have a very clear and sharp 35 mm photo of what appears to be an ethereal plasma or “ectoplasm” taken in 1999 that all attempts to debunk have failed. (This photo was taken not during one of our official investigations, but during a family outing by one of our team members.)  We have captured some grunts and heavy breathing on EVPs near the Black Lady’s famous Stepp Cemetery marker and an occasional whist or tendril of fog in other photos from near the Confederate soldier’s grave.  A couple of the PP-SC team members swear they have been told to “get out” by a grumpy old person, a woman they think. Even with these few tidbits of unsettling data the cemetery seems quite peaceful, but the walk up the long, dark and forested path to enter the location is another matter.

Let’s have a discussion about “the path”.

For the skeptics and non-sensitive individuals, the initial stroll to the Stepp Cemetery from the parking area seems quite unremarkable. A few of the taller cemetery stones can be seen glistening in the sunlight at the end of the path, and the ambiance seems quite tranquil; the scenery gives the impression that it beckons visitors to come in.

But, when we stand in the cemetery and look behind us, down the path from which we have just entered the cemetery, to some of us the corridor takes on a completely different atmosphere. It starts to darken until the cars are no longer visible and the trees seem to close in more. Human-like shadows darting behind the tree lines become noticeable, but the shadows stay at the edges of the old cemetery. In the woods surrounding Stepp and on the connecting trails, low soft whispers are heard and the feeling of being watched is customary. The feelings increase for some visitors as they walk the return route to leave the burial grounds.

Apparently Stepp Cemetery is holy ground and ostensibly these shadows (maybe they should be called denizens?) are not righteous and cannot enter so they instead lay in wait at the perimeter for people foolish enough to enter their realm.

Our mediums in PP-SC have seen the shadows of Stepp. We have also seen the shadows that follow visitors from the cemetery, down the path and to their cars. Remember, sometimes we’re not alone when we think we are, and Stepp Cemetery is one of those places.

Maybe a trip to Stepp Cemetery is in order?  But remember, the area closes at 11:00 p.m. and the denizens after 11:00 are DNR officers!

On April 1st, PPSC had a local Sasquatch Forum at DJ’s and Chy’s Diner in Paragon, Indiana. A small presentation was given by yours truly concerning the beast of the woods and my bigfoot sighting location map of Morgan County, compiled for several years along with the sighting information, was shown to all attending. It was crowded and there were a lot of questions, but the best part, we also received some current eyewitness reports and some from past years.  It was a great time!


A special shout-out to DJ and Chy Doster for allowing us to bring the meeting into their diner on April Fools Day.

Hopefully my next post will not be so far in the future..

Call us if you need us – no charge for what we do!  Ghosts, Sasquatch and UFOs are all on our list.




Stepp Cemetery in Morgan Monre Forestry

   Reviewing Old Photographs Reveals Ghostly                  Presence in Stepp Cemetery



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