Jan 19

Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers Expand: Cryptids and Ghosts For 2014


Sometimes it's not so bad in jail - The haunted Old Parke County Jail Bed and Breakfast!

Old Parke County Jail in Rockville, Indiana, is open for business – but not for lawbreakers. They’ll provide a bed and breakfast for both the dead and alive!

Fall and the holiday season has been hectic for the  Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers team. We haven’t had a lot of ghost investigations, but there have been many hours spent looking for the elusive hairy man-of-the-woods, Sasquatch (or Bigfoot, if you prefer.)

The Thomas House Inn of Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, hosted two ghost hunting trips for us in November and December. While the ghosts seemed worn out as a result of other arranged ghost hunt weekends, there was enough activity to keep PP-SC going back again, and again.  Our trip in December included on old friend, Dean, who always wanted to attend one of our investigations; he wasn’t scared, but did stay in his room a lot.

The old grumpy ghost of the Christmas Room was there too, making his presence known as he always does in the second floor central reading area. Another guest, Jason, who was unaware of the old building’s ghostly nature, reported that he heard children playing in the hallway in front of his room over the length of his four night stay. I was honored that Little Sarah and a friend made personal contact with yours truly during both stays when we were in Room 36. All I can say is that we cannot wait till we go back to The Thomas House!


In Spencer, Indiana, the old Spencer, Indiana, Gun Shop investigation is still going on since the basement’s little boy spirit, Daniel, likes to play with the toys placed there just for him. He moves his toy soldiers around and plays with his car. The small girl, Sarah, has a coloring book and crayons to use, but we’re still waiting for her to use them. Sarah is located on the second floor in the “Green Room”.

The weather has kept us away from Spencer for now, but we will be back for a full-fledged investigation in the next few weeks.


Over the last two months several PP-SC members have put in some road time searching our four county area, especially the local government lands, for the giant 9′ Sasquatch known to roam there. So far. no luck.

What we do know about Bigfoot is that you don’t find him, he finds you! (Larry Battson wisdom!)

Two of our hunter’s group, Ed and Debby B., have such an avid desire to see the old fellow that they tracked through a 10″ snowfall, through closed roads and trails, and braved the “Arctic Vortex” that hit Indiana the second week of January. All the searching performed in a small SUV that Sasquatch could smash with just one swat.

Ed is the guy who builds the cut-out Bigfoot and places them along the White River bridge and SR 39/67 intersection in Martinsville, Indiana. Unfortunately his bigfoots eventually get washed out by floods, but everyone loves them!


If you would like to learn more about Sasquatch PP-SC will be having another free of charge Bigfoot Seminar this spring. Keep in touch and we’ll announce where and when.  In the meantime there is a lot of interesting and informative information in podcasts on the internet. I suggest such site as Blogtalk Radio’s Sasquatch Watch Radio blog, NiteCallers, Bigfoot Talk, Ohio Bigfoot, etc…    If you want to be really intrigued, look up radio interviews with a fellow named R. Scott Nelson who has suggested that the hairy beast has a language.



If you or anyone you know has had a Bigfoot sighting, please let us know. Bob thinks there are a lot of railroaders and truck drivers out there who have seen strange creatures during their travels across this wide country; they should call and report their sightings. (Everything will be kept confidential if requested.)


Thanks to The Doodle Bug Family Restaurant in Paragon, Indiana, for letting us help host the great Spirit of Christmas, Santa (and my brother Gregg who wore the suit) at their place of business. (Tenderloin and hamburger sanwiches are Wonderful!)


A special shout-out to Jeff T. and Meesha – Welcome back to the U.S.!


Till next time, 





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