Nov 04

Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers Present Evidence From MCH Investigation


 Paragon Paranormal at weekly meeting

Although they don’t actually go together like peas and carrots, Paragon Paranormal’s founder presented the program for the Martinsville Rotary Club on October 30th. Our Rotary hostess, Jenna Bennett, introduced us as we prepare to scare.



Halloween is finally passed and All Saints Day is over – time to start the winter holiday season.

Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers’ founder Carol Farrell (that would be me!) was invited to be the guest speaker for the Martinsville Rotary Club on October 30th. Medium Trisha came along to help answer questions. As a result of the presentation the Martinsville Reporter-Times newspaper wrote a nice article about us and the Martinsville City Hall investigation. Check out the article sometime if you can.

Our only regret about the presentation is that we were limited by time in the amount of evidence we could show. There were also several photos which needed to be shown on a larger, more vibrant colored flat screen that had defined spirit shadows. But, we still very much appreciated Jenna and her fellow Rotarians for the chance to explain what we do.

Members of Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers are preparing for investigations at two very different locations in the next few weeks. The first will be a private residence north of Martinsville and the second one in the Edinburg area. Both have a long history of paranormal activity, but neither have ever been investigated by a group trained specifically to sniff out spirit activity. Hopefully, both should result in a multitude of new data for our continuing research of the paranormal.

Several people have contacted me about the possible chance of participating in a ghost hunt with us sometime. I would love to take untrained  “visitors” but the attempt to include others in prior investigation has not been good, and resulted in contaminated data if the visitors are not continuously accompanied by one of our trained investigators. Talking, moving around in front of cameras and not sitting still can ruin data and most newcomers are too excited to be good data gatherers. We do train individuals to hunt when needed, but it takes at least seven investigations before Bob and I consider them to be in-training members of our group. Right now, we have only 5 fully trained individuals, 1 almost ready, and 4 who need to attend and train in more hunts.( Most of the last 5 are usually restricted by their work or school schedules and/or family matters.)

We encourage individuals to start in their own home with a digital camera, a digital recorder with headphones and lots of time, and to try to find nearby spirits or maybe even go to a nearby cemetery (Stepp?) or a relative’s house. After all, the spirits are everywhere!

Happy Hunting!


Grandma's House, Circa 1850


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