Jan 28


It’s a new year and it’s a good time to make some changes.

We have decided to expand our research into areas other than just ghost hunting. Spirits and ghosts will always be our primary research subjects, but there are paranormal areas which we are fond of which can bring almost as much excitement to the “hunt and chase”.

Between ghost hunts Bob and I and a couple of our other members, read, study and sometimes  actually search for the elusive, large and hairy, primate most call Bigfoot or Sasquatch. He has been spotted by some very reliable individuals in Morgan-Monroe Forestry, Yellow Wood State Forest ( Brown County) and in the area around Beechgrove Road and Little Hurricane Road in Morgan County. Bob has had his own sightings and in fact had contacted Larry Batson, local Bigfoot expert during the summer his experience occurred. BFRO on the Animal Planet channel recently presented a show of their investigations at the Morgan-Monroe Forestry.

If  any of you have a “Bigfoot” incident you would like to tell us about, let us know. All names will be kept confidential as will exact locations, if requested.

If you have any incidents with other strange creatures, we would also be interested in hearing about that too. I’m requesting this myself since I am intrigued by the “Mothman” of Point Pleasant, West Virginia and the “Bell Witch” of Adams County, Tennessee.  We know there are many strange creatures out there that need to be talked about.

The next paranormal subject we would like to delve into more would be the subject of UFOs and any creatures associated with them. A couple of us are members of MUFON, (Mutual UFO Network) a national organization interested in learning and investigating possible UFO sightings and encounters.

(All of us think the U.S. Air Force was lying to the public  about the existence of UFOs with the piece of printed fiction they called Project Bluebook. Even their chief investigator, Dr. J. Allen Hynak, became a believer while doing the study!)

Again, if you have any incidents about unidentified flying objects to report, please let us know.

We’re really excited about expanding our studies to these other areas. After all, you must be open to ideas and willing to listen to others experiences to be a good paranormal investigator.



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