PP-SC Investigation of Martinsville City Hall Brings Out Spirits

Martinsville City Hall, Martinsville, Indiana

Spirits in Session at the Martinsville City Hall

All my life I have heard rumors of the ghostly residents of the 1917 structure which houses the Martinsville City Hall: unseen boots on wooden floors in the courtroom and trekking up and down the stairs, the sounds of shackles, groans, the smell of flowers and mysterious ethereal figures seen from the corners of the eyes of City Hall workers and visitors. Now, we finally have a general idea who and what is causing all the fuss.

PP-SC members have performed two short, preliminary investigations at the City Hall and the results were amazing to say the least, because so far, we have reason to believe that there are at least four spirits located in the Council Chamber and it’s gallery. To find out some of the spirits names and other facts we decided to use our group’s talented Clairvoyant to assist us –  we have not been disappointed.

So far, we have obtained two EVPS, not first class, but good data to show that something was talking to us and photos of a number of  bright, moving orbs which do not appear to be dust or water droplets. As a matter of fact, these particular large orbs seemed to follow our Clairvoyant as she moved around the building.

Did I mention that she was also pushed or “guided” out of a particular area by an unseen hand that left three “burn” marks on her upper arm?  Yes – it happened! Since this was the first time she had ever been man-handled by a ghost, it did unnerve her quite a bit as it did the rest of us who were with her and witnessed the event.

We also have photos of the three marks on her arm which stayed there for about two hours. The touch by the spirit did not appear to be scratches, no blood lost, but more like the firm pressure a parent might apply when guiding an unruly child out of the room; pressure enough to show the images of three fingers of a large hand. We’re not 100% sure, but she thinks the spirit who moved her was named “John”., who informed her throughout the evening that he wanted us out of there.

Other names of spirits who came through to her were the grumpy Hiram, unknown last name, who wanted us out of the building and told us to leave. The other was Uriah Hinson. Uriah M. Hinson (he insisted on the “M”)  identified himself as a two-time sheriff, (Yes – we checked! He was in office in 1892 through 1896!) and was somehow responsible for “getting the building built”.  The talkative Sheriff Hinson said he was looking for his wife and daughter. The fourth spirit is that of a shy female who makes her presence known as the smell of flowers, with the possible initials of M.R.

The rest of us? We enjoyed watching the dark spirits as they moved along the west walls from the council floor into the gallery/balcony area. We also smelled the occasional flower scents, heard the chinking of chains and groans and and even captured a couple of happy whistles on our recorders. 

All that occurred during our pre-investigations!!

And most definitely, we will be returning very soon for a longer, more complete investigation now that we know who will be greeting us and where they hang out.

A special thanks to Mayor Phil Deckard and his assistant Carol for giving us the opportunities to enter and perform our hunts., and to the other workers in the building for their cooperation.

Keep in touch for more information!

Good Hunting!


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