Apr 22

Sasquatch and Ghost Hunting Takes a Backseat for PPSC

Blue Orb at the Thomas House B&B in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee.

Blue Orb at the Thomas House B&B in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee.


Sorry for the long wait!  We’ve been busy but not necessarily in a good way.

The paranormal curtain opened for us starting about the third week of January when we started receiving a number of calls for paranormal consulting. With a full slate we entered into February and around Valentine’s Day, Bob decided to have a heart attack. Then five days later, he had another one… and pneumonia. He’s just now getting his strength back, but he is in cardiac rehab and that takes up our time since he’s not driving yet.

We do have a couple of ghost investigation projects lined-up when Bob gets better and one is located just outside of Cataract, Indiana. This involved a ghostly specter who works in the kitchen of the homeowner and another who stands guard at the end of a hallway. Neither are harmful and are just doing their thing; residual energies which we plan to send on their way. Hopefully, we will learn their names before they leave.

The other investigation will be in an old (1880’s) Victorian age house in Martinsville, Indiana. The owners have photographed a ghostly figure peering out the upstairs window, on more than one occasion.  There are various human-type shadows, audible footsteps and knocking noises in the walls also which are very unnerving late at night. a

And! There is also an old oil portrait of a lady that seems to watch the residents. (It’s always unnerving when people in paintings seem alive!)



We did have a chance to go to the most haunted place we know of, The Thomas House Inn located in Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee for a couple of nights. I always feel welcomed by the spirits (and the Coles) as we enter the front door.

We were lucky. It was orb night at the inn. Almost every photo we took had orbs in it. The night vision was showing the orbs flitting all around and as Bob was walking through the semi-dark halls he had one particular small green orb circling all around him, even in the lobby area. The spirits were moving, but they were not talking: no EVPs were obtained which is very unusual.

The lead photo was taken in front of Room 37 at the Thomas House last week. The large, bright blue, dense orb has been seen by other investigators on occasion and we were fortunate enough to capture it this time.

Cannot wait to go back!

Orbs, orbs, orbs, Thomas House, Tennessee


On the Bigfoot scene, the number of local sightings are increasing. Spring is coming (soon, we hope!) and we think the Bigfoot migrate as nature turns everything green and gives them an additional food sources.


Bigfoot by Tim

Bigfoot by Tim

A very reputable couple (husband and wife, elderly) near Gosport, Indiana contacted us last week about a sighting along the White River a couple of months ago in February. This week, other Owen County residents gave us two additional reports, and unknowing to them, the reports are only one mile apart! All four interviewed had very similar descriptions. We at PPSC, Sasquatch Research Field Team, are almost sure these reports could possibly be the same beast because of one unusual trait the spotters all made note of in it’s appearance.  There will be extensive follow-ups on these reports.



To DJ and Chy, congratulations on finally getting the keys to the restaurant in Paragon! This is the best place for breakfast in the area, served all day I might add. Get there early because they are only open till 2 p.m. on Sunday till Thursday, but open later on the weekends . DJ serves really good steak and catfish on Friday and Saturdays.

A big shout-out to our friends at Lou’s Cafe on US 231 south of Cloverdale, Indiana. Where the homemade bread,  cinnamon rolls, pies, tenderloins, burgers, taco salads, chef salads, beans and cornbread… awww heck, it’s all awesome!!

Happy Birthday to Braydon and Ethan Rohland!! Love you guys!

Till next time!



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