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2016 was the first year PPSC attended the great Ohio Bigfoot Conference at Salt Fork Park. There is a lot to see and hear, let alone meet one on one with other researchers at the gathering.

It was a great experience to meet Bob Gimlin, one of the two men who filmed the Patterson-Gimlin film of the famous “Patty”, the very obvious female, black haired, Sasquatch, crossing through a dry creek bed in Bluff Creek, Washington. Bob Gimlin’s presentation wasn’t the longest but it was the most interesting to us.

Someone asked him what his first thought was after the horses alerted the two men to Sasquatch Patty’s presence and he quietly responded with “They ARE real!”, then promptly pulled his rifle out.

Bob explained he pulled the rifle out because this creature was something he had never experienced before and he didn’t have any idea how the huge beast would react to their presence; it could have been a very dangerous situation for him and Roger.

In the years following the experience, Bob has been ridiculed by many disbelievers and called an outright liar by many, but the truth and sincerity of Mr. Gimlin’s actions that fateful day is apparent by the look in his eyes when he speaks.

My thoughts of Bob Gimlin; He is one of the most sincere and truly friendly individuals in the Bigfoot community.

Fred Synic of Researcher of Massachusetts, C. Farrell (PPSC), Bob Gimlin, and Bob Farrell of the PPSC Sasquatch Field Research Team at the 2016 Ohio Bigfoot Conference

Fred Synic (Researcher of Massachusetts and Honorary PPSC member)  C. Farrell (Founder of PPSC), Bob Gimlin, and Bob Farrell (Founder of the PPSC Sasquatch Research Field Team) at the 2016 Ohio Bigfoot Conference.

On the local front here in Morgan, Monroe and Owen Counties, Indiana, new reports seem to indicate that the local Sasquatch are  starting to move around more and others are migrating through to places unknown in our state

We had a booth again this year at the Morgan County 4-H Fair in early August and seemed well received by the fair-goers.  Our investigators and team members of Paragon Paranormal-Shadow Chasers and the our Sasquatch Research Field Team joyed talking with the crowd, and initialized a conversation by commonly asking them as they walked up toward the booth “Do you believe?”  We got a lot of different answers!

Our Morgan County map was marked with locations where some of the participants had an encounter or experienced signs of Sasquatch. The stories that went along with the locations were very interesting. Areas in the county that showed clusters of sightings over the last several years lined-up with the reports we received this year.

Bob at the Morgan County Fair

Bob at the Morgan County Fair

Also popular was “Fred”, our 6′ Bigfoot costume stuffed with newspaper.  Hanging from a post and 2 feet off the floor (making him 8′ tall) many of the fair-goers, not just kids either, had their picture taken with him. Yours truly came into the merchants tent early one day and found the local “high sheriff” standing in front of our booth watching his deputies taking pictures of each other with “Fred”.  Good times!!

I should add that we attached a sign near Fred which stated “SQUATCH LIVES MATTER!”  Because they do!


Now for the paranormal investigations:

We have performed several investigations in our local area; one was a large 1890 lodge hall and in 2 private homes, addresses not publishable. We also investigated one in Sellersburg, Indiana and one in Rushville, Indiana.

The one we call the Paragon Country House had 2 spirits residing,  The elderly man and woman spirits are very quiet and move about mostly unseen by the residents; their energies are residual.

When the photo below was taken there was obvious energy in the room, but we couldn’t locate it. In reviewing the photos, the white mists between the sofa and window curtains became apparent. Looks like dogs to us – what do you think??

I forgot to tell you that the owners had a couple of white Akitas, now deceased. Looks like they’re still guarding the homestead!

The Paragon Country House had white mists in the living room. There are 2 between the sofa and the curtains.

The Paragon Country          House had white mists in    the living room. There are  2 between the sofa and the  curtains.

Hopefully my next posting will not be so long behind this one. Maybe by then I will be able to tell you about our other ghost investigations!

A special shout-out to Lisa Grubbs in Martinsville, Indiana. I haven’t forgotten you!  

Also a shout-out to Amber Hughes and Mike Page and Darlene Helms ; Thanks for the information at the Fair.

Remember to call us if you need an investigation of the Paranormal Kind!


Carol Farrell

Founder of PP-SC

PP-SC with Bobcat Goldwaith and Lexus at the Ohio BF Conference

PP-SC with Bobcat Goldwaith and Lexus at the Ohio BF Conference


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