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Orbs of all types are captured on the Gettysburg National Battlefield

Orbs of all types are captured on the Gettysburg National Battlefield


Happy Halloween!!

As you can probably guess, October is one of our favorite months even though it’s a prelude to winter and cold, snowy weather.

We have been busy doing what Shadow Chasers are expected to do since the last time I posted – looking for spirits and the unusual creatures which have been reported in our area, although in September I drove Bob and myself to Lincolnville, Maine and enjoyed the New England countryside for a few days. (I drove because Bob is still having considerable pain in his broken foot!)

We stopped overnight in one of our favorite locations, Gettysburg, PA, to spend a few hours on the battlefield after dark and exchange stories with the local ghost hunters (Haunted Gettysburg Paranormal Society) in downtown Gettysburg. As usual, everyone had interesting experiences in the haunted town.

Our battlefield excursion was only about three hours long. We didn’t hear any ghostly sounds such as cannons going off or men shouting, but we did get a few photos with our still cameras of what I think are spirit orbs. (Remember, not all orbs are spirits, some are dust or moisture droplets.) My favorite photo is at the top of the page and the second favorite, below.

Are these bright orbs just lost spirits hanging around one of the many Gettysburg memorials?


We performed an investigation close to home in a location close to my heart – the A to Z Auction in Martinsville, Indiana. Not really a fan of auctions, the place is known better to us oldsters as Kivett’s 5&10. The old building was constructed in the 1860s as a pharmacy, hospital and office of a Dr. Robert Tarleton and his nephew W. B. Tarleton. I’m not sure when Dr. Tarleton no longer practiced his profession there, but the good doctor died in 1901. Presumably, it continued to be a clinic for a few years after that, then became a hotel when the third floor was added in 1930. Although it is uncertain, Kivett’s 5 & 10 probably opened after the end of WW 2, about 1946.

The rumors of hauntings in the building have been around for years and even when I was a child, there always seemed to be “something” in the rear of the store which frightened me. We were contacted by Mayor Phil Deckard who, having seen photos taken by Elvis Stedman who works (and lives upstairs) at the auction barn, thought it might be an interesting location for our ghost hunting team. He hoped we could give Elvis some answers to his unusual photos and odd experiences in the place.

It was interesting. Our investigation was about three hours long and was performed in the early evening right after the auction barn closed for the night. We saw shadows of what appeared to be a child near the front of the store and in the back near the kitchen area, a grumpy old man wearing a long coat. Surprisingly, in two successive photos taken of a blue orb visible to the naked eye, a mirror which happened to be in the area shows a figure standing slightly behind me and to my left, of what I describe as a nurse. If you look closely at the two photos, her white cap or scarf is on her head, and she does move slightly to my right in the second photo.

Nurses would make sense at the location; it was a hospital for a least 50 years under Dr. Tarleton, then a clinic thereafter until the 1930s. Plus, one of the photos taken by Elvis was of a nurse wearing what looks like the white scarves they used to wear back in nineteenth century. Could it be Dr. Tarleton’s wife Elizabeth? Elizabeth assisted him with his many patients.

We’ll probably never know who the grumpy old man in the long coat actually is, but I know he has been there for a very long time. I’m sure he’s the one who frightened me when I was a kid shopping with my mother at Kivett’s 5& 10.

I’ve posted the two photos taken of the blue orbs – check them out!

First Photo of Blue Orb and Faces in the Mirror at the A to Z Auction

First Photo of Blue Orb and Faces in the Mirror at the A to Z Auction

Second Photo of the Blue Orb and Faces in the Mirror

Second Photo of the Blue Orb and Faces in the Mirror

Hopefully we will return to the A to Z Auction Barn for further investigation. I think there is a lot more to see and hear at the location.


Please call us if you have a location you would like investigated for paranormal activity! There is no charge for what we do.

A special shout-out to Larry Battson and his Wild Animals in Clinton Falls, Indiana, and to the Cole Family in Tennessee at the Thomas House Inn!





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