Jul 20



I have to start off with an exciting find near our home along the White River. A member of our group who is greatly interested in crypto-animals, but mostly in Sasquatch, (his wife is a ghost hunter in-training) found a series of footprints through a section of his property. Further investigation gave us a very good right footprint, measuring 15.5″ long and 6″ wide.  This was found at the side of an ATV path (through the woods adjacent to the river) and appears to be where the supposed Sasquatch jumped across the road. The left print on the opposite side of the road is only of the ball and toes, where the beast pushed itself upward to make the almost 15′ jump to where it’s right foot came down. The footprints continued through the thick foliage with a 7.4′ stride, but we were unable to track it after 3 steps. Our attempt to cast the print failed when the plaster cast fell apart. (It was my first casting attempt and I learned a lot from doing it, but a shame, since now we only have the photos.) The find also drew our attention to the woods and other possible signs that are present that Bigfoot are in the area. We will keep you all posted with our findings.

June and July of 2014 has been and is still very busy for us, but not so much in a paranormal way. Bob broke 3 bones in his right foot (not the left this time!) at his place of employment so we’ve spent a lot of time going to doctors, on the phone with the insurance people, and his employers. He will hopefully be ok, but it’s an extremely painful break and the heavy boot he has to wear has put our paranormal investigations almost to a standstill. With the breaks on the right foot, it’s almost impossible drive Old Ghostie, our Suburban, so we’re getting around in my leprechaun mobile, the mini-van.

Anyway, we’re still planning a major investigation in a couple of weeks in Spencer, Indiana. The location is to remain secret but I can tell you that the beautiful old business building we’re investigating has quite a history, so stay tuned for the results of the hunt.

I’m excited about the new shirts our official group members will be wearing. One of our honorary members, Chase, of Camby, Indiana, is shown wearing his. Junior Ghost Hunter Chase participated in our Stepp Cemetery hunt last May and will be in more of our junior investigations. His Aunt Wendy is a valued member of our group.

new shirt

A good friend of ours, Ed, who likes to write poetry is very intrigued by our paranormal investigation, but especially our nights out on Sasquatch hunts. He was inspired to write a poem which pretty much sums up the excitement we all feel when faced with a possible paranormal or Bigfoot encounter.  Thanks Ed!!

BF by EB

A special shout out to “soon to be” Dr. Tolbert in Maryland. Thank-you for everything and keep us in mind for all your paranormal questions. It was very enjoyable being a source subject for your studies. And – Don’t be a stranger, at least not any stranger than us!

Big hello to Hunter, Ethan and Braden! Hope you liked the Sasquatch shirts.

Remember, contact us for any type of paranormal investigation. We do not charge fees for anything we do!

Till next time,

Carol Farrell

Founder of Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers

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