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Mirrors in the Tivoli's dressing rooms reflect investigators, and can be used by spirits to help make contact.

Mirrors in the Tivoli’s dressing rooms reflect investigators, and can be used by spirits to help make contact.

Paragon Paranormal – Shadow Chasers hit center stage at the Tivoli Theater for two separate evenings of investigations. We also hit the dressing rooms, the theater room, the hallways, elevator and other assorted areas throughout the old building. The Tivoli Theater has been the one site in Spencer, Indiana that our team has always been anxious to investigate ever since it reopened following its complete renovation in April of 2013.


E.M. Viquesney had a dream of opening his own theater in Spencer and did so on New Year’s Day of 1928. The timing resulted in a bad move for him; he was in competition with another theater in the small town and the Great  Depression was just a few months away. Sadly, Viquesney was forced to close in 1931 when he lost the theater to the Bloomfield Tile Company for non-payment on the tiles of the theater’s roof.

The Tivoli was reopened soon by another gentleman who ran it until the fifties. After two fires and some other hopeful owners, the theater was again shut down in 1998 and was ultimately scheduled for demolition in 2005. Lucky for Spencer’s historical minded citizens, the Cook Group Inc. of Bloomington saw the significance and potential of the old building, and with the help of many local volunteers and the Owen County Preservation Society, was able to restore and turn the lights back on the beautiful little theater’s marquee in April of 2013.

The new, bright, blinking lights of the marquee also captured the eyes of PP-SC and we knew there just had to be some kind of spirits in the old structure, so, against our general rule of asking the owners to enter a business (we are usually invited) we contacted the theater’s General Manager Dana Beth Evans. She in formed us that along with others who work there, she had experienced some unusual episodes of the paranormal type. Needless to say, permission to investigate was approved for our team.

We made two visits with the team. The initial walkthrough was just Bob and me, along with Dana Beth who opened doors and gave us a complete tour of the fabulous building. At that time there was a male sprit detected in the third floor hallway who moved back and forth from the front to the back by both Bob and myself, and a female spirit in the lobby near the ticket booth detected by me . These spirits were not apparent in the following investigations so we have no have hard data to verify them.

With two of the theater’s volunteers assisting (Larry and Josh), the first night’s hunt was disappointing for all of us since we obtained no videos or photos containing objects and lights we could not debunk. The EVP’s were all tossed out when we found another individual was in the building and had been since we started and was working in one of the rooms. (All the small whispers and faint music captured on the recordings had to be assumed to be from the radio he was playing.)

But, there were some personal experiences by members of our group and the volunteers that have to be considered paranormal. At one time we had all gathered in the theater room and all the EMF meters and the REM Pod on the stage lit up, all the way to the top of the meters. It only happened once.

We had responses to our questions using the K-2 meters. Three different times and in three different locations, we had yes answers to “Are you male?” and to “Were you an usher”. This was exciting because I knew “something” was following us around as we went from the front of the theater to the back dressing rooms in the basement. This was an experience the volunteers were witness to.

The second investigation was with a different group of our PP-SC team members. We also had a local medium, Jeff, who assisted Bob and me. While the spirits still alluded us this trip, Jeff informed us there were three young male spirits present who passed through the Tivoli occasionally to see “What was going on”.  There were also many other spirits coming and going to the theater just as they did in life. He could detect no resident spirit in any of the many halls and rooms.

Trisha, our medium who is usually with us could not attend the hunt either time, remotely saw an usher or otherwise employed young man named  (possibly) Gaskin who stands in the lobby very near the area where I detected the female spirit on my first visit. (Trisha is sooooo very good at remote sensing of spirits. She draws pictures of the places we intend to investigate, even before knowing the location or address!)

But again, since we obtained no hard data, we cannot declare the Tivoli Theater of Spencer, Indiana as an official haunted location, even though there are definite energies of the paranormal kind present in its lobby, hallways and dressing room areas. Lots of individuals who work there have seen and felt the spirits as they move around, just as our team members did during our two investigations.

We’ll keep looking and listening at the Tivoli – as long as the living will put up with us!

Are the Spirits still waiting to be seated by the usher at the Tivoli?

Are the Spirits still waiting to be seated by the usher at the Tivoli?


Stay in touch!

More about the August 10th Bigfoot sighting near Martinsville in the next post. This cryptid thing it getting more exciting as the  months go by! We are considering having another Sasquatch presentation this fall and will have Morgan County information to pass on to all who have an interest in the creatures called Sasquatch, Wolf-Men and Dog-Men. Plan to attend.


A special shout out to Larry (Hope the surgery came out well!) and his son Josh for helping with the investigation. Thank-you Dana Beth for everything you did for our group, and to Scott (Keep up the good work, but work on believing too!). Bob Morris of Bob’s Guns and Pawn also helped us with the theater invitation – THANKS to all of you!

As usual, call me if you need an investigation for the paranormal – there is no charge for what we do.

Till next time,

Carol Farrell

Are the spirits still waiting for the curtain to rise at the Tivoli?

Are the spirits still waiting for the curtain to rise at the Tivoli?

Tivoli volunteer Josh learned the finer points of a paranormal investigation with the PP-SC team.

Tivoli volunteer Josh learned the finer points of a paranormal investigation with the PP-SC team.

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