May 19

Warmer Weather Brings Out Paragon Paranormal Shadow Chasers and the Spirits


Could this be the hand of a deceased great-grandfather reaching out to his granddaughter?

Could this be the hand of a deceased great-grandfather reaching out to his granddaughter?

Our group just completed a ghost hunt at a residence where recently departed loved ones are now “making a stand” and showing themselves to other family members. An interesting case since the mother of the resident passed away about seven years ago and the father two years ago and now it seems that the evidence points to them being together again. Yes – dear, sweet Mother, and “the old goat” Dad, is back!

Mom doesn’t seem to be a problem but she does mark her presence with small drops of indigo blue dye or food-coloring in the strangest places. Dad just growls a bit, whispers, and sits in his old recliner when he’s not moving  items around.

But, at the same time there are also a couple of former residents who are unwilling to give up the old homestead and take their heavenly rewards. They have made themselves known to the residents in small, but interesting, ways.

There are shadows on the walls, with movement between the bathroom where one of them passed over and the living room where a set of handmade crows occasionally turn to look around the room – and light bulbs blow out – A LOT!

The family that lives in the home near Gosport, Indiana, has been there for many years and will continue to do so.

After all, it’s just family.

Speaking of family, check out the featured photo I have placed on the media page. This was taken about eight months ago by a concerned father who often heard his daughter speaking in baby-talk to someone in her room. She was saying “Grandpa” over and over and reaching toward the closed closet doors in her room. Previous to this picture she had, in her own special way, mentioned several times about playing with the “man” in her room, but since she wasn’t frightened by the presence there was no concern to the parents – after all her room was right next to theirs.

Now that she is older and talks in a more understandable manner, she still speaks of the man and has actually picked him out from among a box of old WW 2 war photos. It is her Great-grandfather and now he even brings a “friend” to see her, “Uncle Kenny”. Uncle Kenny was a great-uncle who passed away nine years ago. Confirming his identity, she picked his face out of a group of old family photos too.

Let me know what you think of the photo after looking at it carefully. Our group has taken an intense interest in this case, especially our mediums, because they think the little girl has a psychic talent for the paranormal herself and is starting to attract the spirits. This could be quite exciting!

We have several investigation locations lined up for the summer, and one could be a potentially huge project for us. If you have a location for us to investigate, just email me. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to discussing any of our cases with you if you have questions.

Shout-out to Leann in Osceola, Indiana! Thomas House is awesome anytime and every time!


Carol Farrell

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